Additional housing options for FAMU students

photo caption: FAMU scholarship houses
photo courtesy: Myah Canidate

Pack your bags! There are now alternative housing options for Florida A&M University students, and you do not want to miss it.

The recent lack of housing has left many students with the difficult decision of paying expensive rent or going home and continuing their studies online.

Though FAMU has recently acquired the 116-bed apartments, Rattler Pointe, to accommodate the housing shortage, the price tag of the new addition still poses a challenge for some students. However, do not worry; the Southern Scholarship Foundation has your back.

Located on FAMU’s campus, SSF is a non-profit organization that provides rent-free housing and cooperative living to combat the financial burden amongst college students. With 16 houses in the Tallahassee area and three specifically for FAMU students, each house is equipped to accommodate 17 residents per house.

Director of Student Affairs Kassandra Starrine says providing rent-free housing will further benefit students.

“Eliminating housing costs allows students to allocate their resources toward tuition, textbooks, and other educational expenses,” Starrine said. “This flexibility reduces the financial burden on students and their families, enabling them to focus more on their academics.”

Starrine also explained how SSF can equip students for the real world, ensuring an easier transition post college.

“Students learn to manage budgets, plan meals and collaborate effectively with their housemates,” Starrine said. “We also offer workshops throughout the year on financial literacy, career development, and leadership skills.”

Asia Clark, a Fall 2022 scholarship recipient, shared her experience with SSF. She highlighted how the scholarship played a significant role in her daily life.

“I’m glad I did it because I have learned so much since joining SSF,” Clark said. “It has given me a sense of responsibility every day, and it all just feels like a big family – all at no cost!”

And it doesn’t stop there. SSF also provides mental health counseling through contracted clinical providers at no cost to residents.

According to SSF’s website, prospective students must lack financial resources, demonstrate excellent academic merit, exemplify good character and attend an institution of higher education.

For more information or to book a tour, visit The deadline to apply for the Spring 2024 term is Nov.1.