Students: Local shopping options ‘limited’

photo from Adobe Stock

It’s no surprise that fashion trends and shopping are a common topic of conversation on
the campus of Florida A&M University. Though countless students go to class dressed
to impress daily, many think shopping options in the capital city are scarce.

Home to Governor’s Square Mall and numerous locally owned boutiques, Tallahassee
rarely impresses and college students often immediately turn to store’s online platforms
to look for outfits and day-to-day items.

Governor’s Square Mall holds a total of 104 stores ranging from women’s and men’s
clothing, accessories, shoes and more. Even with a number that high, it doesn’t serve
as the “go-to” for many students and they see the options as slim.

Myriah Fox, a fourth-year political science student, shops online for convenience and
thinks the local mall doesn’t have a wide range of places to choose from.

“There aren’t many stores here in Tallahassee that have what I’m looking for, so I just
shop online,” Fox said. “It’s so much more convenient than going into a store, but when
I’m pushed for time, I run to Target or the mall.”

Danyielle Benjamin, a third-year nursing student, also shared her thoughts on the
shopping options in Tallahassee. Rather than going straight to the mall when in need,
Benjamin goes to Google and is sure to take advantage of the mall as the perfect
backup plan.

“I primarily shop online, but if I need something last minute or quick, I like to go to the
Governor’s Square Mall,” Benjamin said. “I think Tallahassee’s shopping options are hit
or miss when trying to find a complete outfit, but good for finding missing pieces to an

Websites such as SHEIN, Fashion Nova, and Pretty Little Thing are some student
favorites when looking for fashionable clothing. Consequently, Benjamin noted Fashion
Nova as one of the websites she most commonly orders from as well.

Students across the tracks at Florida State University feel the same way as well.
Josephine St. Hilaire, a senior information technology student at FSU, says the
shopping selections in Tallahassee are few.

“I’m an online girl, I shop online because there is nowhere to shop here and when I do
go, they never have the best options,” St Hilaire said. “Forever 21, Shein, and Oh Polly
are my favorite places right now.”

With students turning to online shopping, the need to go to the mall frequently is almost