‘103 on the Hill’ makes its debut

photo courtesy @103onthehill

The new student-run entertainment show, “103 on the Hill,” made its debut on YouTube
this past Sunday.

The show is inspired by BET’s music video show, “106 & Park,” but with a “FAMU-
HBCU twist.” The first episode began with co-hosts and creators Cayla Goff and Xavier
Yancey revealing the top five songs of the week as voted by viewers through Instagram.

Next came an interview segment with interviewee, CDK on the Mic who was the first
ever to be voted HBCU Buzz’s No. 1-ranked HBCU host in 2020. Then came a
segment titled “Latest Topics,” which discussed FAMU/HBCU related events along with
another segment titled, “Drip or Drown,” rating fashion.

The show then returned back to the hosts with a music trivia game with guests. The
show also included a sports segment and closed out with a musical performance from
FAMU artist Shabris Howard.

Creators Goff and Yancey are both seniors at FAMU. They assembled the production
team behind the show themselves.

“Both my friend Xavier Yancey and I came up with the show idea this past spring
semester. We knew we wanted to host it, but we just wanted to execute it properly. We
decided to take applications and create a team to help bring the creation to life and we
did just that. I couldn’t be more happier,” Goff said.

Broadcast journalism student Jaydan Harley is as producer.

“Duties that come being producer of the show are making sure things run smoothly on-
and off-camera. That includes many things; making sure the main hosts are on the
same page script-wise and in terms of what the schedule is like on the show. Also
making sure that the guest that come on the show are not only comfortable enough with
being in a new environment, but that they feel welcomed enough to present themselves
in a manner that makes our show run naturally and smooth,” he said.

Goff, who hopes to work in the entertainment business, shared the thought process
behind the show.

“As a broadcast journalism student, we are taught to have creativity and go for
everything you want to accomplish. My dream is to be a producer or an entertainment
host,” Goff said. “I decided to start the show with Xae (Yancey) to gain more experience
to apply for entertainment positions but also provide the same opportunity for students
who also want to gain more experience in the field. The show was also created to bring
back the nostalgia feeling on ‘106 & Park,’” Goff said.

Episodes will drop bi-weekly and viewers can tune in through the YouTube page found
in the Instagram bio of @103onthehill.