Rattlers are ready to strike again

Students at last year’s first home game against Albany State
Photo Creds: famu_1887

“I represent Florida! Agricultural! and Mechanical! University! October 3rd, 1887, WHAT?!!”

The 2023 football season is among us, and FAMU students have been anxiously waiting for the
team to play the first home game of the season.

This Saturday, the team will play against the University of West Florida at Bragg Memorial
Stadium on the newly renovated Ken Riley Field.

Students are eager to get back into the spirit of home football games. Ernest Walker, a third-year
broadcast journalism student, is excited to finally see the Rattlers play at home after two weeks
of away games.

“I am excited to see how they play this year, they should win a lot of games and I can’t wait to
see it at Bragg,” said Walker.

The previous season’s 9-2 record, provides hope that the Rattlers will have a successful season.
After learning the shocking news that FAMU did not earn a seat in the 2022 FCS playoffs,
despite the successful record, the team, students, and alumni are all hoping that the Rattlers get
the chance to prove themselves.

So far for the 2023 season, the team’s record is 1-1, with a win against Jackson State University
at the Orange Blossom Classic in Miami and a loss against the University of South Florida in
Tampa, FL.

Despite last week’s loss, students like Gary Monroe, a third-year pharmacy student, hope the
team qualifies for a championship title.

“I’m excited for the football season cause I think we could win the SWAC and play in Atlanta for
the HBCU championship,” said Monroe.

Although a title would be an exciting achievement for the team, some students are simply excited
to share their school spirit and experience the game day festivities with their classmates. The
football season is when students come together to celebrate the unique culture and spirit of the

Daijah Rabb, a third-year biology pre-med, plans to make the most of her time at the game.
“I’m excited for the social interactions and culture that shines through during the game time like
a feeling of family, music, vendors, and tailgates,” said Rabb.

Those FAMUly interactions that returning students can not wait to get back to are nothing
compared to the excitement of newly admitted students who are experiencing a home game for
the first time.

Sherice Hyppolite, a first-year biology pre-med, hopes her expectations match reality.
“The FAMU football games are something that I always saw on social media, and is part of the
reason I chose this HBCU,” said Hyppolite.

“To be able to experience it for myself finally is something that I cannot wait to experience.”
Whether you are an alumni, returning student, or newly admitted student, the first home game of
the season is something that many look forward to participating in.