How are students liking Rattler Pointe?

Rattler’s Pointe Building D
Photo courtesy: FAMU News

Since the unveiling on April 26, Rattler Pointe has become a highly anticipated housing facility for Florida A&M University students.

The student housing is the named space of the 118-unit Lighthouse and the 116-united Citivue. The two properties offer beds, storage, washing machines, and living room spaces.

The students living in the apartment complex moved in on Aug. 25 and have enjoyed the new facility. 

Kalani Hancock, a fourth-year history education student, lived in the Polkinghorne Village dormitory for three years. She says it is excellent for incoming first and second-year students. 

However, she feels that Rattler Pointe is an upgrade.

“So far, Rattler Pointe has been great. Minus a few maintenance concerns as they are still improving previous issues from before FAMU acquired it,” Hancock said.

Hancock says the new complex allows her more versatility than her previous living facility.

“Rattler Pointe has given me the freedom to come and go as I please as well as being able to cook full meals, entertain guests, and have a bigger space to call my own.”

Hancock says she does wish for better communication from the leasing office about maintenance issues. She says she had the same issues living in on-campus dorms.

However, Hancock is among many students who prefer Rattler Pointe over other dorms. 

Azalea Caster, a third-year psychology student, says she would recommend it to other students.

“The complex is nice and has lots of rooms and new appliances,” Caster said.

“It is also walking distance to the café, my classes, and convenient for future FAMU events because, at times, there is not much parking available.”

Caster’s  only downfall about the apartment complex is the door locks are extremely hard to lock. 

The apartment complexes are located right off Eugenia St. and less than a few minutes from the FAMU campus.