Best friends take FAMU by storm

Bellamy and Sparks pose in front of the Rattler Statue. Photo courtesy: Sydney Bellamy

When it comes to making a change, sometimes it is hard to know exactly where to start. For two ambitious Rattlers, this was not a struggle.

Sydney Bellamy and Aniyah Sparks are determined to make the class of 2025’s remaining years on the hill, a fun-filled one.

In the spring of 2022, Bellamy and Sparks were named the president and vice president for the class of 2025’s cabinet. The duo says they have recognized the needs of the class and want to make a change.

Sydney Bellamy, a broadcast journalism student from Atlanta, Georgia, shared her reasons for running.

“I wanted to run for president because I believe that our class needs more than what has been provided to us. With many of us looking toward our futures after college, I believe we need more resume building, workshops and job opportunities.”

Bellamy went on to discuss how she planned to handle the needs of the class.

“I believe sitting down and having a conversation to understand their needs is vital in progression of building our relationship with the student body. Our team has been working on surveys to see what FAMU 25 needs and what they are thinking.”

On a whim, Aniyah Sparks, vice president for the cabinet, came into the role at a critical time during the campaign.

“When it came to running for vice president, I honestly needed to help my friend,” Sparks said.

Bellamy and Sparks’ friendship spans over a decade. The two first met during their church’s confirmation, and from there, the relationship blossomed. When walking around campus, you are bound to see the two together.

Sparks states she has discovered invaluable intangibles about herself since being elected.

“When I actually got into the role, I realized that I have the perseverance to get the job done. Becoming vice president allowed me to gain more leadership experience and bring back the feeling of FAMU before COVID,” Sparks said.

The Bellamy-Sparks administration has also incorporated mental health liaisons within their cabinet, aiming to instill the security of talking about the mental health struggles within our community.

Being a psychology student, Sparks understands the importance of listening to her peers and their issues.

“Mental health is something that I am big on. Having those hard conversations to see exactly what’s going on with an individual, because you never get to know someone or their situations.”

The class cabinet is planning a class photo Sep. 15 to showcase the growth of the class from their freshman year to junior year. They’ve named the occasion Take 3: Class Photo.

To stay up to date with different activities and events orchestrated by Bellamy, Sparks, and the class cabinet, follow their Instagram page at @famu25cab.