Remembering Andre ‘Dre’ Green


Memorial services were held for Andre Green on August 29. Photo courtesy Ashley Bigbee.

In a room full of emotions, Andre Green’s legacy lived on. Former colleague, and friend Percy Henry goes in depth about what it was like to know Andre and the shoes he now has to fill to make sure his work doesn’t go in vain.

“The last three weeks in training have been completely life changing for me,” Henry said. “It’s hard, it’s challenging, I never thought I would have to do what I do now, but I had to do it, for Dre.”

“Celebrating the life of Andre Green”, a memorial ceremony created to give university students and staff the opportunity to reflect on his life, the lessons they’ve learned and the love he had for both his role in administration and for his FAMUly.

Students and staff from all walks of life came together not just to mourn the loss of their beloved brother, mentor, and friend, but to celebrate. Honoring him and the impact that he had on so many individuals who filled the seats of Lee Hall Auditorium.

Eddie Ransom, a former orientation leader, felt that everything that was displayed in the ceremony was a true depiction of Green’s character.

“It was really beautiful,” Ransom said. “ It portrayed Andre exactly as he was, a loving human being.”

Green died on August 1 at 41 years old. A week after Green was found in his apartment, authorities arrested Benjamin Morgan Jr. who was charged with premeditated homicide in connection to his killing. Green was FAMU’s assistant dean of students and director of student union activities and new student orientation. For 17 years, he served in advising as well as mentoring student organizations such as the royal court, student government, orientation leaders and presidential ambassadors.

Armani Jones, the 23 Mr. FAMU, was the last king on the royal court to serve under Green’s supervision. Despite his tremendous loss, he felt that it was his duty to publicly share his relationship with Green to the audience as he felt that he would do the same.

“One of the greatest things that I learned from him was how to show grace to others, especially in student leadership,” Jones said. “He was a man of few words, but his actions were very giant and all of his students were his children.”

In the midst of disbelief from members who attended there was still a sense of lightheartedness in the room. Throughout the program, there was prayer, scripture reading musical selections and dances performed by Tallahassee organizations who came and paid
tribute. The crowd was in and out of their seats, clapping, dancing and singing along. Showing resilience in a time of pain and struggle.

To end the ceremony, President Larry Robinson spoke, describing Green as an unforgettable part of FAMU’s journey. “There are a lot of people who can do great things in their lives, but a few that can be recognized only by first name,” Robinson said. “Lebron, Beyonce, Serena… and Andre.”