Shooting at Island Seafood

Photo courtesy: Website of WTXL.COM

Island Seafood Restaurant is at the center of attention due to a violent shootout that happened approximately around 9:38 p.m. at 1019 North Monroe Street on Saturday, April 22, in the Island Seafood parking lot. 

Island Seafood is a seafood restaurant located in Tallahassee. Island Seafood is known for its casual and welcoming atmosphere, making it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. 

Also, it is a great option for those looking to enjoy delicious seafood in a relaxed setting. 

However, its nice scenery turned into a crime scene when the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) received a 9-1-1 call last Saturday night. 

Shots were fired. Once officers from TPD entered the premises, they used shell casings in the parking lot, and bullet holes in multiple vehicles were located. 

Elizabeth Torres, who’s related to a family member who was at the crime scene, made a heartfelt comment on the incident. 

“My sister told me immediately she thought it was fireworks until she saw people screaming and talking for a shield,” Torres said. “My dad told my sister to stay calm and whatever you do, do not get out from under the table.” 

Nonetheless, as of currently, Tallahassee Police Department has reported no signs of injuries. There has not been an arrest made. Reports show that suspects had fled the scene moments before police arrived. 

An ongoing investigation is being conducted to determine what may have led to such a horrific incident that led to the use of a deadly firearm. 

Former Florida State University student Justin Baker feels like Island Seafood gets overcrowded, which may lead to an altercation.

“The capacity of people that can be placed at Island Seafood is not a lot; nobody wants to be breathing on top of each other,” Baker said. “Especially if we don’t know one another if I feel like you’re breathing all down my neck, I would want to fight you, which can lead to a bigger situation than you think.” 

The Tallahassee Police Department hasn’t released any more information regarding the shooting. 

Kelsey Romose, a Tallahassee resident, gave her thoughts on the scary scene. 

“I was not there, but I saw on the news we need to improve as a society and put the guns down,” Romose said. “Island Seafood is the place to kick up a seafood boil and sometimes do karaoke without shooting one another.”

Video footage was shown to leading investigators that only showed the shots, not footage of who’s being the firearm. 

Overall, even though Island Seafood Restaurant is under investigation, the doors remain open for incoming visitors with a tasty seafood craving.