Fayth Kemp prepares for her next chapter

Photo of Fayth Kemp courtesy: Kemp

Fayth Kemp is a native of Houston and a student at Florida A&M University. She aims to fulfill her dreams by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a pre-law concentration. With all the knowledge and talents, she has accumulated over the years, she sets out to be the most exceptional she can be.

When it comes to a sense of influence, her mother is the primary source. She has seen her mother persevere through some of their most difficult struggles to make sure Kemp and her siblings had everything they needed.

Kemp knows she can rely on her mother to support her as she struggles with her own problems and assist her in returning to a healthy state. Her mom has given her the opportunity to achieve everything she desires so it’s only right that she does just that and makes her mom proud.

Kemp’s original choice to enroll at FAMU was influenced by the Marching 100. When she was 12 years old, she attended a Battle of the Bands event in her hometown and had her first encounter with the band. Kemp had a deep love for music at an early age that she even participated in her middle school band. When it was time to start considering colleges as she made her way through middle and high school, FAMU captivated her attention. At that point, she determined that FAMU was the institution she wanted to attend to pursue her education.

Over the past four years, Kemp has improved mentally. She has undergone a huge change since graduating from high school, and one of the main reasons is that she is separated from her family.

She says that she needs to consistently “fuel her flame” at night in order to keep herself afloat since she is mindful of the obligations she has. Kemp is very hard on herself when it comes to some things. She wants to start extending grace and compassion to herself since she is making progress every day and understands that she cannot mentally torment herself.

Effective on May 6, Kemp will start the next chapter of her life. She will be stepping into a new phase of her journey and gradually achieving all the goals she has set.

She will receive her first degree from FAMU, but it won’t be her last. Following graduation, she intends to continue working in the marketing division of FAMU’s athletic department and to start studying toward a master’s degree in sports management.

Kemp has more to accomplish after earning her master’s degree. For her career, she had bigger ambitions. She will complete her studies by enrolling in law school, where she will practice for a while before starting her own practice.

She also aspires to establish a nonprofit organization to lower the recidivism rate among African Americans in the legal system.

As the current athletics internship coordinator, she plans to mold the internship program even after graduating. She is mindful of the program’s potential and the effectiveness of the interns. For everything and everyone the program is associated with, she wants the best outcomes possible.

Alise Bryant, an intern under Kemp, believes that Kemp is of good integrity and she has her reasons why.

“She’s a very honest person and I know that whatever her name is attached to she always wants to make sure it’s done right and she’s very respectful of others,” Bryant said. “You can trust her to use her good judgment in different situations that she’s up against.”

Fellow FAMU student Keshawnna Burnett, who has known Kemp since their freshman year, needed only three words to describe her: hardworking, leader, and confident.

“Fayth shows these characteristics not only in the role she has now but even as a friend,” she said. “From meeting her in 2019 she has grown so much, and she has shown that she has what it takes to be whoever she wants to be as long as she puts her mind to it. Her growth has been nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait to see what she does after she graduates.”