‘Darties’ replace shuttered nightclubs

Image courtesy: Fritzly Beaubrun

Major FAMU student hang out spots in Tallahassee such as Good Vibes Only club and Primetime Sports Bar remain shuttered, but that doesn’t mean the party culture has shut down.

The local promotion teams C’est La Vie, Winners Circle, Only A Few ENT and 2Liive ENT have brought the idea of day parties, called “darties,” to fruition. For those who are not familiar with this specific type of day party, it is usually filled with games like cup pong, connect four, king of the hill and more.

Typically, a darty would be held from about 4 p.m. until whenever the sun sets, or in most cases, until the attendees get exhausted from all of the festivities.

For the majority of the semester,

FAMU students have been wondering when darties were going to become a thing. Last Friday, April 21, C’est La Vie, Winners Circle, and Only A Few ENT answered their callings. The Tallahassee-based promoters teamed up to host one of the most enjoyable darties so far this spring semester.

Kieron Scott, owner and co-founder of C’est La Vie, loved the idea of hosting one of the first darties to hit FAMU’s campus and give the students what they’ve been asking for.

“Students haven’t been able to really have a full college experience since the pandemic started, you know,” Scott said. “We pride ourselves on giving students the best college experience we can while of course making sure safety is our No. 1 priority.”

During Friday’s darty, Scott personally saw to it that security was present as well as having interactive games ready for students to enjoy.

Melvin Jordan, an attendee, was fond of the idea of darties and was even more pleased with the turnout.

“I’ve only heard of darties happening at Howard so to hear one being thrown at FAMU was interesting,” Jordan said. “It went pretty smooth, they had food, drinks, games, entertainment, and security made sure nothing went wrong.”

“Melvin hit it pretty much on the head,” said Xavier Clemons, another attendee at the darty. “I feel like the new wave will be throwing darties since it’s what the campus wants from promoters. You can’t deny the people what they desire, you know.”

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