Cassaberry making her mark on campus

Jordan “JC” Cassaberry courtesy: Cassanberry

When it comes to breaking barriers and stereotypes, Jordan “JC” Cassaberry, a third-year psychology student from Pensacola, has never been one to back down from a challenge.

Transferring from Tallahassee Community College in the fall of 2022, Cassaberry has started to make her mark on the campus of Florida A&M. This spring Cassaberry started her photography portfolio on Instagram named Visuals by JC. Cassaberry found her passion for photography after having her birthday photos taken by FAMU alumna Christina Stapleton.

Stapleton is an exceptional photographer known for taking photos for graduation, personal shoots and special events. Cassaberry says Stapleton inspired her to go into photography.

“I just felt inspired from Stapleton and the process of the setup, lighting and learning how to work the camera,” Cassaberry said. “Just being able to be behind the camera and capturing such beautiful moments for people just makes me feel good.”

Since finding her passion with photography, Cassaberry has been able to use her talents on campus. She is a proud member of the Transfer Student Association where she is the public relations chair. With this position, Cassaberry makes graphics and runs the social media page. Cassaberry says this helped her gain exposure with her portfolio. She is also a member of Jewels, Inc., where she also creates graphics for social media and holds the position of vice president for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Graphic courtesy: Jordan Cassaberry

Since becoming a Rattler, Cassaberry has been able to make friends who have pushed her to become a better creative. Elijah Avella-Townsend and Jared Melhado, two of Cassaberry’s closest confidants shared their thoughts on her character.

“I met Jordan during our process for TSA. We were both going for the public relations chair, and from there, our friendship just took off,” Melhado said. “When describing her, I would describe Jordan as a genuine person and someone who makes me light up like Christmas.”

Melhado went on to mention how Cassaberry dropped everything to attend his membership presentation into Phi Beta Sigma fraternity.

“Jordan kept telling me she would not be able to make my probate, but when I looked into the stands, I saw her smiling and yelling for me,” said Melhado. “It made me feel good to know I had a friend who was really there for me.”

“As a photographer myself, it has been really fun to see Jordan prosper and fall in love with photography,” said Avella. “She uses her resources and has really made connections to expose herself in the FAMU community and she is a hard worker that is willing to do all it takes to accomplish her dreams.”

Cassaberry plans to jump-start her photography page on Instagram @visuals.byjc. She hopes to host several events in the fall and start a photography studio someday soon.