Alexander’s spicy bowls heating up Tallahassee

Alexander Z’s Spicy bowl. Photo courtesy: Michael McCarty

Zharia Alexander, a 25-year-old newcomer to Tallahassee, became a full-time entrepreneur over four months ago. Alexander moved to Tallahassee from Miami in 2021 to further her education.

Spicy bowls are rarely known in Tallahassee so different people make them different ways. However, nobody made them how Alexander makes them.

When she first moved to the capital city, nobody was making spicy bowls with that Miami-style flavor.  But with the help of her brother-in-law who passed down his recipe, she ended up tweaking it a little bit here and there which made a dramatic difference and improvement on the tasty, flavorful bowl.

The original spicy bowl consists of pickled eggs, pickled hot sausages, pickles, jalapeños and banana peppers. So, when she tweaked it and added her own touch, Alexander’s spicy bowl business started booming.

A video of Alexander making spicy bowls on TikTok went viral and from there the business took off. At first, Alexander was getting multiple orders from Instagram   — @spicybowlss — sending traffic to her business page.

She knew it was time for her to create a website and she did just that: Of course, with a website up she had to come up with a business name.

Calling her brand Z’s Spicy Bowls had people from different states ordering them left and right.

“I receive about 20 orders daily through my website and about 10-15 customers daily from my local customers that pick up,” Alexander said.

“I love to see my customer’s reactions to eating my spicy bowls, especially if they are the first timer. I have been told my spicy bowls are the best in the city.”

As these four hard-working months progressed there were endless possibilities for customization and a variety of heat levels to choose from. They are a great option for anyone who loves spicy food with an appealing price range of just $10.

Alexander even offers shipping and delivery options for her spicy bowl business. It might come with a small extra charge, but some say the price is well worth it.

Latanique Sharde, a social media influencer, gave her thoughts on Z’s Spicy Bowls.

“I don’t know what number bowl I am on, but I will continuously be ordering again and again because it is the perfect snack,” Sharde said. “And she ships so it is accessible to any and everyone.”

As Z’s Spicy Bowl’s name started to expand, famous YouTubers Crystal Blease & Jazzmine Hood did a video reaction on their experience tasting Alexander’s spicy bowl.

“It is good, but it is spicy not a bad spicy, but it started opening up my chest type spicy,” Hood said.

“I love it. I rate it an 8 out of 10. It is good, the spice is not too much bothering me, it is worth coming back for,” Blease said.

Overall, the type of attention Alexander’s business is getting is impressive as she asks every customer to leave reviews on her website to see what or where she can improve on.

Alexander’s Z’s Spicy Bowl company is opening its doors to new customers who have a taste for spices. Feel free to use direct message, book, order subscribe, and check out the menu and the talk around town for spicy bowls on Instagram at “spicybowlss” or Website at