He say, she say all day long

Yung Miami wearing Real Bad merchandise. Photo courtesy: www.careshaplease.com

Over the years, slang has evolved in more ways than ever imagined. New social media platforms continue to take over and expand our connectivity with many celebrities. Since we get to hear from them more, some of the things they say can easily mesh to become new slang terms. This is similar to how, as we’ve had more access to pictures of celebrities, they become memes for people to create their own captions.

This also contributes to expanding someone’s fanbase and social media following that aligns differently from what they do as a profession. You may not watch basketball, but seeing constant clips of Ja Morant yelling, “It’s a parade inside my city, yeah,” may draw a person in to see who he is as an individual.

“The videos begin to haunt you once they go viral,” exclaimed Larry Lafrance, a third-year business administration major. “I can’t get on Tiktok or Instagram without seeing Ja saying it.”

Similarly, Yung Miami, a rapper and member of the girl’s group City Girls, is known famously for her unique Miami vernacular. From the saying “period” to “flewed out” and even “real bad,” she has indeed taken over social media with slang that will be forever embedded in our minds. She even went on to start a clothing brand with baby tees coining these famous phrases. However, in a recent interview with The Cut, Young Miami expressed how she wishes to change her speech and expand her vocabulary. Nonetheless, people continue to use her famous sayings in everyday life.

Tayah Fuller, a second-year political science major, feels these phrases stem from jokes but become a part of her everyday speech.

“Once Yung Miami said period, I found myself saying it all the time. I didn’t think anything of it until I was around adults who aren’t used to the phrase, and then I have to explain,” Fuller said.

The more the public discovers new celebrities, the more special terms will be created. When Ice Spice first became popular, she famously coined the term “munch.” It had social media in a chokehold. Between people trying to figure out what it means and figuring out who Ice Spice is, users were constantly joking about the word.

In the future, this will continue to be a new and valuable marketing technique for celebrities that don’t wish just to be known for their profession.