Resources, strategies for finishing the semester strong

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As a college student, finishing the semester strong is crucial for academic success. However, with the demands of coursework, extracurricular activities and a social life, it can be challenging to stay on track.

College students frequently have to juggle multiple demands on their time, including work, classes and homework.

Making a study calendar that prioritizes assignments, divides larger projects into manageable activities and allots time for self-care and relaxation is crucial to avoid falling behind.

Another valuable strategy is to utilize campus resources. Florida A&M University offers a wealth of resources to help students succeed, such as tutoring centers, writing centers and career services. These resources can provide academic support, feedback on assignments, and help with career planning. Taking advantage of these resources can improve your performance in the classroom and set you up for success after graduation.

Kayla Delcham, a second-year broadcast journalism student from Orlando, has used the writing lab numerous times and appreciates getting assistance from them.

“I have utilized the writing lab on multiple occasions and every time I have had a successful outcome,” Delcham said. “Not only do they assist with writing necessary papers for your classes, but they help you with documents such as resumes and cover letters for future employers.”

Challenges such as stress, anxiety and time constraints can also impact academic performance. To overcome these challenges, it is important to practice self-care, seek professional help when needed, and learn effective study skills. Seeking professional help from a counselor or tutor can provide additional support and resources. FAMU offers free counseling services whether it is relationship problems, stress or any worries you may have.  The counseling services take appointments in person or virtually. The website states, “No matter what you are going through, the Office of Counseling Services is here for you from orientation to graduation.”

Lastly, accountability can play a critical role in achieving academic success. By working with a study group or partnering with a mentor or coach, you can stay on track and maintain motivation. Academic coaches are available for all students on campus and can easily be accessed by contacting your adviser or going directly to the academic coaches’ offices.

Danyell Johnson, a second-year accounting major from New Jersey, claims that working with her academic coach has been beneficial.

“My academic coach Amanda Williams keeps me on track, makes sure I’m achieving my objectives, and makes sure I’m maintaining the best grade point average I can,” Johnson said. “Having someone to hold you responsible for your actions and care about your success is wonderful.”

Finishing the semester strong at FAMU requires dedication, hard work, and effective strategies. By managing your time effectively, utilizing campus resources, staying motivated, overcoming challenges and practicing accountability, you can achieve academic success.