Goodbye Big Bend, hello Big Ben

Tower Bridge is a London icon. Photo courtesy: Earth Tekkers

Carrington Whigham, a former SGA president and alumna of Florida A&M University, offers some TikTok advice and encourages students to look into graduate programs in London, where she is finishing up her first year at the London School of Economics.

“The networking opportunities go crazy,” Whigham said. “You have to do your research. Not every university caters to every major.

“I would say the hardest thing about studying in London is the pre-process, the visa, finding housing, Don’t be nervous a visa is just an application, it is expensive but it’s the biggest investment you have to make before you get to London,” she said.

“Don’t let housing frighten you either, if you go through your university there are so many undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities for people to live not to mention I live in a completely postgrad accommodation and it is amazing,” she added.

According to The Guardian, Black and Asian students won record numbers of places at prestigious British universities in 2021, alongside increasing numbers of students from all backgrounds, and the chief executive of the UCAS admissions service has said that one million applications for places could be received by 2026.

There are more possibilities for students in London. The University of Oxford and its colleges launched a significant new scholarship initiative for Black graduate students as part of a commitment to alter its graduate population by increasing financing possibilities for under-represented groups.

“London is so expensive but it’s like any big city, you have to go to places that are reasonable with your lifestyle. It is a very student friendly city,” Whigham said.

More graduate funding opportunities for under-represented groups have been made available by the university and colleges. The Black Academic Futures initiative will provide up to 10 additional scholarships to Black UK research students beginning their studies the following year.

These include scholarships for students in the humanities and the faculty of law, as well as other steps to increase participation in programs in the mathematical, physical and life sciences division, as well as the medical sciences.

Clintonae Thomas, who earned a degree in psychology from Florida A&M University, will be starting graduate school at the City University of London this fall.

“I always wanted to travel so I think it was a natural progression once I decided on higher education,” Thomas said. “I recommend making spreadsheets when deciding between different schools and working with an adviser, if possible. The education overseas is cheaper and there are more schools offering the program I want,” she added.

FAMU provides students with study abroad resources. “There’s a world of opportunity out there, and we want you to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Take classes in a foreign country for a semester or even just a summer and expand your horizons personally, academically and professionally,” according to the program’s website.

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