Student Senate: A flurry of confirmations

Photo 2 Credit: Alyssa Cooper
Caption: Freshman Nakiya Brown is confirmed in the Student Senate

Last week’s senate meeting ended early after failing to meet quorum. As a result, there were multiple confirmations and bill readings on the agenda for yesterday’s senate meeting.

Three senate positions, as of yesterday evening, are now filled. Nakiya Brown, Argene Lynn and Nadia Lloyd were unanimously confirmed to their respective sophomore, junior, and senior senator positions.

In addition, Klarissa Pierce was unanimously confirmed as an associate justice of the student Supreme Court. Christin Williams, was also unanimously confirmed to her position as Secretary of the Department of Academic Affairs.

All of the candidates passed their questioning. Candidates, as always, were extensively questioned by the current senators on what initiatives they planned to execute if elected to their positions.

Performing more community outreach through various initiatives was a common answer for the senate candidates. Specifically, second-year business administration student, Argene Lynn stated his preference for being a part of the Student Relations committee.

Lynn, also an athlete on the Florida A&M baseball team, has been eyeing this position for some time.

He stated in his opener, “I’ve been looking for ways to reach out and get closer with the student body. Everything hasn’t really worked how I wanted it, but that’s what happens in life.”

When questioned by senate president Kelton Williams on his previous leadership experience, Gene mentioned his community service chairperson position with Big Brother Little Brother, a mentoring program here at FAMU.

Gene plans to continue mentoring even in his new position with an emphasis mentioned on mentoring to young student athletes. Understanding what it means to be a student athlete, he wants to help guide his younger peers through the transition from high school to college athletics.

Nadia Lloyd is a third-year public relations student from Atlanta, Georgia. Lloyd is a recent transfer, previously attending Georgia State University.

While Lloyd’s leadership positions at Georgia State were scarce, she was the community outreach director for her high school’s student government association. In that position, she planned many community service events and internal relationship events.

Lloyd, like Lynn, plans to be a part of the Student Relations committee. “I’m really a people person, and I’ve heard a lot of good things but also some not-so-great things about the Senate. I think getting input from the student body would help that a lot in terms of getting input on how they (students) feel about things.”

The Supreme court also filled another position as Klarissa Appiah was confirmed to her seat as an Associate Justice. She was sworn in hastily by recently sworn in Chief Justice Ariel Burks.

Appiah is a third-year student currently double majoring in criminal justice and psychology. She plans to attend law school after graduation and expressed that being an associate judge aligned with her future career goals.

In addition to her new role as an associate judge, Appiah also occupies another leadership position within The Society of Black Female Future Attorneys.

Christin Williams, a second year Architecture student was also recently confirmed as the Secretary of the Department of Academic Affairs.

When asked what interested her about SGA, Williams stated, “I feel as a natural leader, to serve other people, that is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing and SGA will allow me to do that.”

Williams has used her recent leadership experience to target platform points pushed by the Bell x Burns administration, an example being making sure that companies that appealed to all majors were present at the Career Expo.

The budget for the upcoming school year was also moved to second reading.