No TikTok and no Fizz at FSU

Photo courtesy: Fizz app

Social media has taken over universities, which has become good and bad at the same time. From Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to one of the newer apps,  Fizz.  Fizz allows college students to create an account using their university email and tweet things anonymously.

It has become toxic and caused trouble that has led Florida State University to ban it from the campus Wi-Fi.

Many FSU students have had different things to say about the university banning the app from its Wi-Fi. It has caused students to have different perspectives on the reasoning behind the university’s decision.

“I thought the Fizz app was a fun new way to improve campus culture,” said Jaelen Thelusma, an FSU student studying business administration. Tweeting anonymously takes away from the stress of others watching your page and judging.

“Now the app is neither healthy or unhealthy in all honesty. I feel like it all just depends on the maturity of the person using it. So FSU banning it from their wifi is really just weird because we can still use our data to use the app,” Thelusma said.

Because everything on the Fizz app is anonymous, the only people who could see what is being said are the information technology staff at FSU. Since you have to use a valid college email to make an account, it helps with flagging and tracking unwarranted tweets.

“Fizz is honestly immature and I’m actually happy FSU banned the use of the app from their Wi-Fi,” said Ameer Brown, a second-year psychology student at FSU.

The app gave a platform to students who were afraid to say things to people’s faces, an outlet which made it very toxic. The Fizz app has users who would just talk negative about people and things that should never be said. And since it is anonymous no one would know who is behind the phone saying it.

“Now FSU banning the app from their wifi really doesn’t mean much because most students have data but it technically shows that the school ‘cares,’” Brown said.

FSU possibly banned Fizz from its wifi just to prevent students from saying anything about the university. But the ban will not prevent students from accessing it but it will prevent them from using it on the Wi-Fi of the university.

Students will without question find different ways to access the app

Personally, there is so many other important things going on today more important than Fizz,” said Lucas Martenelli, an FSU graduate. “Students only use school wifi when they are using their laptops so FSU banning the app from their wifi really does nothing.”

Students will still be able to use the app, and anonymous tweets will still be sent out.

“FSU needs to care about more important things than some ticky tacky app,” Martenelli said. “Wasting important resources on little things.”