Railroad Square adding food hall

View from outside the food hall. Photo courtesy: art district’s website

For as long as Railroad Square has been open for business, Tallahassee residents have enjoyed everything it has to offer. From hotels to photography studios to art and cultural experiences, Railroad Square has cemented itself as one of the top spots to visit in the capital city.

In hopes of raising the bar, Railroad Square’s owners have been working on a new food hall which is officially set to be open for business later this spring.

Owner Adam Kaye is passionate about this new project as he sees the opportunity it can give someone who is an amazing chef or a young entrepreneur who needs a spot to display their ideas and talents.

“You really want to have those foot in the door spots where somebody who is an amazing chef or has this incredible passion for something food-related that they can try out their idea. You know, not having a lot of sunk costs into a space that they don’t own,” Kaye said.

The new food hall is set to start with four food vendors. It will be fully equipped with kitchen equipment for tenants, along with forty-plus shared indoor seats as well as plenty of outdoor seating for the customers.

According to the art district’s website, not only will the food hall contain a variety of food options but it will also cater to the visual eye as they will have art both inside and outside the establishment.

Halsey Felix, a regular at Railroad Square, wasn’t surprised by the move to build the new food hall for the community.

“Railroad Square to me is one of the best spots as it offers a variety of different experiences but one thing they lacked were food options. I think this new project won’t only improve the overall experience but it’ll give locals more of a reason to come by and relax there,” Felix said.

Dy’terres Lindsey, a student at Florida A&M University, can’t wait for the hall to be opened to the public.

“It’s not a lot of things close to FAMU’s campus. I usually have to drink on Tennessee Street to get to a reasonable food spot so to hear that their opening up a whole food hall down the street is exciting,” Lindsey said.

With its expected spring opening, the Railroad Square food hall already has the community ready to indulge in the festivities.