New fashion trends emerge in spring

Photo of Kiera Macklin courtesy: Macklin

Just like the seasons, style trends vary from month to month, sometimes from week to week. With TikTok providing inspiration and more Gen Zers going down the creative pathway of innovation, we’re seeing a lot of modified fashion trends coming back.

According to a recent story by Madeline Fass in Vogue, these are the spring trends their editors are currently rocking:

“Two editors are bringing their maxi skirts and tailored vests into spring, while others are looking for new ways to wear or repurpose those most cherished classics: denim or the white dress shirt,” Fass wrote.

So what trends are dominating at the nation’s No. 1-ranked public HBCU this new season? We asked some women at FAMU what they felt about the current trendy items on campus.

Kennedi Hills, a biology pre-medicine student, believes natural and earthy is in right now.

Photo of Kiera Macklin courtesy: Macklin

“A lot of natural things like people with locs, people wearing their hair more, and embracing your natural self,”  Hills said.

In December, Stacey Lindsay wrote an article about the paint color trends of 2023, Meredith Owen of Meredith Owen Interiors preceded the notion of earth tones being in style.

“In 2023, we’re going to continue to see a lot more earth tones in paint colors and textiles.”

Megan Martin, a pre-nursing student, has seen multiple fashions repeats that she’s attempted to implement in her wardrobe.

“So, trends that I see around school are usually like halter tops, bell bottoms, backless tops, a lot of maxi dresses,” Martin said.“Do I want to implement more into my wardrobe? Yeah, I do, I would like to broaden my wardrobe to like streetwear, I wear a lot of dark colors, but I want more light colors, pastels.”

Kiera Macklin, a psychology student, has found her love for multiple trendy items this spring.

“Some spring style trends that I’ve noticed recently is shrugs like crochet shrugs or knit shrugs. I’ve noticed that layering is a thing like light layering and shrugs are usually something that I see pieced together,” Macklin said. “I used to hate vests as a kid; I thought they were really ugly but adding a vest to something simple just gives it a different pop like it’s just a pop that you’ve never seen before. So I’ve been getting into my vest era and it’s a great era to be in.”