Lake Tribe celebrates eight-year anniversary

Lake Tribe Brewing Company
Photo courtesy: Samuel Williams

Lake Tribe Brewing Company is a local brewery and bar that established its roots in Tallahassee eight years ago. Opening in 2014 as a family owned and operated business, the brewery provides unique experiences.

Located at 3357 Garber Drive near where Tharpe Street meets Capital Circle NW, Lake Tribe offers over 16 homemade beers to appeal to a wide variety of patrons. The beers rotate seasonally and the company is continuing to offer new varieties regularly.

The brewery is also one of the only locations in town to consistently offer live music, on-site food trucks, frisbee golf and outdoor fires.

One-Eyed Jak performing at Lake Tribe Brewing Company.
Photo courtesy: Samuel Williams

Staff member Payton Cleveland said that Lake Tribe brewery offers Tallahassee something different from its typical scene.

“We have a good group of regulars that we love, but we attract new faces that normally wouldn’t be into the clubbing or college town scene,” Cleveland said. “Being on the outside of town has its advantages, and we utilize that to our best.”

Bartender Chris Thull agreed with Cleveland that the environment at the brewery is unmatched in the area.

“I love working here and from when I started from where I am now, the place has transformed immensely, for the better,” said Thull.  “I also recommend the Butter Pecan Nightcap stout, it’s very good for anyone new to us to start with.”

Connor Biggins is also a bartender with the brewery who has been working at Lake Tribe for over a year. Biggins said the variety between the patrons and the brews keeps the company strong.

“The people and services [Lake Tribe] has seen have been friendly and positive,” Biggins said.

The Wildwoods Room at Lake Tribe Brewing Company.
Photo courtesy: Samuel Williams

Connor Ross is one of the owners of the Lake Tribe Brewing Company. He said he and his sons, Jesse and Jason, are the main motivation behind starting the brewery after trying a venture in Atlanta.

Ross described the crowd the brewery attracts as “mostly young professionals” but said that the brewery attracts all types of people as well.

“A lot of times we get families and couples in here on Saturdays and Sundays, but there is really no telling who we are going to get,” Ross said.

The brewery is getting ready for its eight-year anniversary this Saturday, where it will be offering four new beers, including a new cream ale. There will be two bands, multiple food trucks, axe throwing, and other activities taking place. New shirts and other exclusive merchandise will also be debuting at the anniversary. The event will start at 2 p.m. and the team at Lake Tribe recommends patrons to “get there early and be prepared for tons of fun.”