Apps make it easy for students to gamble

Prizepicks. One of the most popular gambling apps students use. Photo courtesy: Prizepicks

Sports betting has taken the world by storm. College students have found multiple ways to not only enjoy sports but win money at the same time.

Sports betting apps have become big with college students. Students have used these apps for extra cash while working their normal everyday jobs.

Joshua Clements, a graduate of Florida A&M University, says that sports betting apps have provided him with a new hobby.

“I gamble responsibly and only bet how much I am willing to lose,” Clements said. Gambling on apps has made it more exciting as a viewer because of the thrill. “I get excited to see if my plays will hit or not,” Clements said.

As fun as playing on these sports betting apps is, it comes with a lot of underlying issues. Some students can get addicted to gambling because of the earnings they can make when winning. Addiction becomes bad when you are gambling every day and losing.

Sports betting apps want you to continue gambling everyday because at the end of the day, it is a business.

“Sports betting has benefited me but also hurt me,” Branden Burks, a fourth-year pharmacy student at FAMU, said.

The thrill of winning overtakes a lot of people, and there is a tendency to bet more than you are able to lose.

“I have bet money that I should have never bet and got behind on my bills because of these apps,” Burks said.

After you win a few times, you think you are always supposed to win. As a result, you continue to bet over and over again. The losses add up and the amount of money lost accumulates.

Sports betting apps have gotten students more invested in sports. They tend to learn more about what they are gambling on because they are putting their money into it, and who likes losing money?

Sports betting apps have made millions of dollars off college students. Gambling responsible is what students need to understand. Being greedy will put you in debt and have you losing more than winning.

Thomas Dow II, a candidate for a master’s in business administration at FAMU, explained that getting greedy will backfire on students after winning big.

“Just because you are doing good now and winning money doesn’t mean you will always win,” Dow said.

That is what sport gambling apps feed on. They want you to keep on gambling.

“I use apps like Bovada and Prizepicks when I gamble on sports. They have been good and bad to me,” Dow said.

Betting smart will keep you in good hands and out of bad situations.