Two freshmen join Student Senate c

Sen. Hooks and his colleague present a bill extending the Hub’s hours.
Photo Credit: Alyssa Cooper

During this week’s meeting, two freshmen, Zayla Bryant, and Ashanti Jeanlys, were confirmed to the 52nd Student Senate. Both ladies are business administration majors with a vested interest in making change through their new roles.

The first to be confirmed was first-year business administration major Ashanti Jeanlys. She is from Broward County, Florida, and previously served in many leadership roles throughout her time in high school.

Jeanlys was knowledgeable and confident in her answers to questions posed by Elections and Appointments committee chairperson Sen. Loryn May. This was something highlighted by quite a few senators during the following pro-con debate, which led to her unanimous acceptance.

When asked what led her to be interested in SGA, Jeanlys stated, “I wanted to be an advocate for my class.”

Jeanlys was one of the many freshmen affected negatively by the housing crisis that occurred during the previous semester. That experience has prompted her to seek ways to communicate with officials and provide solutions to prevent another occurrence.

Jeanlys mentioned extensive experience in the field of leadership and referenced a handful of roles and initiatives that she was involved in during high school and her first semester on the hill.

She further expounded on her relevant skills that would enhance her ability to lead effectively given the position. She mentioned her ability to cooperate with others, be a good team member, and to multitask.

When asked to define what morals and ethics meant to her, Jeanlys stated, “It means self-respect and holding myself to a certain standard in the eyes of the student body.”

During questioning by current senate members, Jeanlys expressed an interest in being a member of the Organization and Finance committee. Sen. Ahmad Kebe is the current chairman of the committee.

Jeanlys believes that her major, Business Administration, is relevant to the duties she  would be required to fulfill given the opportunity.

Jeanlys was approved unanimously by members of the Senate.

Zayla Bryant, also a first-year student attending the School of Business and Industry, has a long track record of being a leader committed to change. Bryant has taken on many roles during her short time at Florida A&M, including being a member of the e-Board for the Dream Defenders chapter in Tallahassee and the FAMU Democrats.

Bryant also recently completed a fellowship for Florida Rising and stated she acquired organizational and budgeting skills through the experience.

“I served as covering their[Florida Rising] social media page,” she explained. “I was also able to organize events on behalf of Florida Rising on the campus of Florida A&M.”

The biggest event that Bryant was a part of included a march to the State Capitol to end student loan debt. The march was in collaboration with the Dream Defenders.

Bryant believes that while there are things to critique and improve regarding the Senate, she admires the good that is done through the legislative branch and wants to be a part of that.

The senate members were seemingly impressed by her resume and, more importantly, her ambition. She was voted in unanimously by the Senate.

A bill for the second reading was read yesterday evening. A piece of legislation presented by Sen. Hooks and his colleague would petition to have the Hub open on Friday evenings and the weekend.

The Hub is a central dining location for Towers, Palmetto, and Phase residents. A similar bill was presented during the 51st Senate the previous school year. Roadblocks occurred with providing compensation to those workers for those extra hours. Updates regarding the status of the bill will be reported once available.