Tips to stay safe during spring break

Panama City spring break crowd. Photo courtesy: Google Images

As we turn the page from February to March, college students have one thing on their minds. No, it’s not midterms — it’s spring break!

For college students, spring break is a time to celebrate finishing midterms and to get a much-needed break from their studies. For many it’s also a chance to socialize and plan trips with their friends. With that being said, it’s important to make sure students know how to party safely, so they return to school as healthy as they left.

Here are some tips students can follow to stay safe during spring break.

Traveling in groups, sharing your location with your friends, practicing safe driving, not drinking and driving, and not traveling alone are some great ways to start.

Daijah Moore a third-year pre-physical therapy student from Orlando Fl, plans on visiting back home to enjoy herself at the beach for spring break.

“We plan to act like tourists although we are from there because there are friends who have not visited the area,” Moore said. “We plan to travel in two small groups and share our location with each other, so we know where everyone is at all times.”

There will without a doubt sure be a wonderful party and a good time waiting for you, no matter what continent you’re on or what city you choose to visit. While most people are planning their outfits and schedules, making reservations, and choosing swimsuits, others will be just relaxing.

Cassidee Williams, a first-year business management student from Tampa, Fl plans on traveling during the spring break.

“For spring break, I am going to Puerto Rico with a group of friends,” Williams said. “Using my time wisely to relax elsewhere is all we want to do honestly.”

Spring break is a time that many students benefit from. After a refreshing break, students can regain focus on their assignments to make sure they are able to finish the semester off strong.

Students who are not taking a trip will be doing other things such as taking time to improve their mental health, catching up on sleep or just visiting family. Whatever you decide to do remember to always remain safe.