World Engineering Day celebrated

Danyale Berry and Ayomide Sijuade at their “Make Your Own Lava Lamp” station.
photo creds: Abraiya Ruffin

The FAMU-FSU College of Engineering marched into this new month ready to bring a celebration of
science and engineering to the Tallahassee community on World Engineering Day. The event was
held at the Challenger Learning Center on S. Duval street Saturday morning.

“We call it the pipeline, so it all starts with these kids to be able to see themselves as engineers,”
said Marketing and Communications Director, Tisha Crews Keller. She says this event is designed to
inspire and teach the community, especially the youth. “We believe that anybody can be an engineer.
We’re sort of bringing science to the kids today.”

With over 150 attendees, this STEM outreach program welcomed K-12 grade students to speak with
real-life engineering professionals, participate in hands-on lab activities, and learn about the world of
engineering and science. The kids enjoyed IMAX movies, planetarium shows and other exciting

Displays from organizations like the Society of Women Engineers, Student Engineering Leadership
Board, and more set up their best work and activities. One station in particular set up a lab allowing
kids to use water, oil, dye, and Alka-Seltzer tablets to make their very own lava lamp.

“I see the look of amazement in the kids’ faces. Showing them that there is science in everything
pretty much. I think that is the most fulfilling part,” said FAMU-FSU Alumna Danyale Berry.
She stated that this exposure to engineering and science early on will really help young children
become more excited about learning. “It’s also an aspect of self-reflection, letting them see students
go after a PHD helps them realize they can do it too.”

This day was not only about showcasing why engineering is important. Chemical engineering
graduate, Ayomide Sijuade says she is hoping to inspire some young girls. “I think for me, what I’m
looking forward to most is meeting girls and women because you can actually be an engineer too.”
Sijuade says it is important for young girls to know that they can be successful even in a male-
dominated industry.

FAMU-FSU is the nation’s only conjoined HBCU and PWI College of Engineering. Unifying students in
a diverse setting so they are able to learn and contribute to society is just what they’re hoping to do.
FAMU-FSU College of Engineering says they plan to do more events like this one and students
should be on the lookout for the Tallahassee Science Festival later this Fall.