Can grudges last a lifetime?

Photo courtesy: Graphic made by Kennedy Patton

Michael B Jordan has recently gone viral again for something other than his love life. Jordan was interviewed by entertainment journalist Lore’l during a recent “Creed III” premiere event. During the interview, Lore’l mentioned that she and her classmates used to bully him in high school and call him “corny.”  

Later reports did come out that Lore’l wasn’t the one who made the statement. Her co-host at the time, Dominique da Diva, was the one who stated Jordan was “a nice corny guy.” This statement was centered around his former girlfriend, Lori Harvey. Lore’l did indeed laugh and agree with the statement. 

Even though Michael B Jordan is 36 years old, that comment stuck with him for 10-plus years. So that begs the question, how long can you hold a grudge against someone who did you wrong? 

Holding a grudge can take up more energy, and choosing to forgive them brings more peace than harm. Establishing boundaries and expectations is essential for romantic and platonic relationships. 

Birthday dinner etiquette is a topic that is constantly discussed on social media. Should your friend cover your bill, or are there repercussions for your friends not attending? 

Khalia Thorton, a third-year sociology student, explained her mom always taught her to support the people you love and care for. 

“When I turned 16, barely any of my friends showed up to my birthday event,” Thortan said. “ I decided to forgive them because holding that grudge led me to not wanting to build new friendships.”

Myle Moody is the owner of Crochet by Myle, a Crochet Fashion brand aimed at creating unique hand-crafted clothing and accessories. In a study done in 2022, there were about 33.2 million small businesses in the United States. So more than likely, knowing someone with a small business is expected. Moody tries not to look at the lack of support of those close to her in a negative light. 

“There has been a situation where people I support don’t support me in the same way,” Moody said. “So I always choose to put my focus toward the positive, especially if I’m doing well without the support of those specific people.”

The moral of the story, you never know who is watching. Myle Moody argues that people tend to be confused when their haters become supporters. 

“If someone was to make it known they didn’t want to support me and then came back around and switched it up, I would want to know why,” Moody said. “I always reassure myself and my confidence. A few bad critics don’t compare to the multitude of support.” 

When boundaries are set on how you want to be treated, there is no room for the other party to say they didn’t know. Other than birthday dinners, supporting a friend’s small business is another gray area for relationships.