Raising Cane’s opening soon

Photo courtesy: Issac Williams

Raising Cane’s, a popular chicken finger chain restaurant, is opening soon in the Varsity Plaza on West Tennessee Street. The restaurant will be adjacent to CVS and in front of the Target that FAMU and FSU students frequent.

Matthew Williams, a fourth-year business administration student at FAMU, said he is excited about trying the new restaurant but is worried about the location.

“I’ve always wanted to try Raising Cane’s. It seems like everyone goes crazy over their sauce in the videos that I have seen on TikTok, but I’m worried about their chosen location because traffic is already terrible due to all the businesses in that area.”

High expectations are nothing new for the ever-growing chicken finger company. However, it will be intriguing to see how this location handles the continuous traffic in the area throughout the day.

While some have reservations about how smoothly traffic will run, others have a different reason to be a bit apprehensive about the new restaurant.

Vonte Brooks, a FAMU alumna, said it’s great that Cane’s is opening in Tallahassee. However, he noted that the city is saturated with enough businesses already doing the same thing.

“I’ve had Raising Cane’s before, and honestly, I wouldn’t mind trying it again. But when are we going to get more food options here? It gets annoying eating out when everybody sells the same thing,” he said.

The desire for more variety of food options is a sentiment that is shared by many. When speaking with specialty contractor Emerson Aragon about the building’s progress for Chicken Cane’s, the same comments were made.

“I think that we are moving fast here and should be done in a couple of months. The foundation is finished, and we’re doing the drywall and exterior work now,” he said. “I’m excited to try it, but I wish we had fewer chicken places here.”

The desire for more food options seems to be shared by many in Tallahassee. Especially with competitor Slim Chickens opening on North Monroe recently and Guthrie’s Chicken already located across West Tennessee Street from Varsity Plaza.

Raising Cane’s will have to show how its chicken stacks up against the competition and keep customers well after its opening week hype. One should see this goal as achievable due to the abundance of college students in the area.

For individuals interested in working at the new restaurant, text ‘RCJOBS to 97211’ or visit the company’s website.