Disney Storyteller Scholarship winners named

Photo courtesy: @famusjgc82 Instagram

This week the Disney Storytellers Fund announced the 18 winners of the first scholarship. The group of juniors and seniors are all students in the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication at FAMU who have gotten the chance to jumpstart their careers. Not only do they get to elevate their careers, but they get an experience with opportunities that are not always provided for the community that they represent.

This $1 million grant from The Walt Disney Company has sought out students that will make advancements in the field of journalism and media. Creating opportunities for mentorship and development is what this program is all about. Each student can be granted up to $10,000 depending on the criteria they applied for, which can help with housing and a wide variety of other needs. Each semester the student is awarded with a grant, just another step in aiding each student and hopefully preventing possible roadblocks in their steps to success.

Dalilah Posley, senior journalism student, says as a first-generation college student, this is a really important opportunity in helping advance her career.

“I feel honored to be chosen for this award because this is something that’s once in a lifetime,” Posley said. “A lot of people applied for this and did not get accepted, I’m very humbled and pleased to be one of those students that Disney and SJGC felt deserved this.”

Posley reiterates that the program will help her towards her future goals upon graduating and she will be participating in the internship opportunity to sharpen her broadcasting skills.

As much as this scholarship provides financial assistance, there is a great professional gain in terms of setting students up with jobs right after college. Disney also provides an internship for the recipients, giving them a wide selection of where they may choose to start their careers after college.

Beyla Walker, senior journalism student, says she is thankful for the opportunity.

“I’m most looking forward to the opportunities that we will be exposed to through the program,” Walker said. “They will give us the hands-on experience we need. I feel honored to have been selected especially for the inaugural cohort.”

Walker appreciates that Disney chose them to pour into and excited to get to work, build connections and more importantly her career! Starting June 6, these 18 recipients will begin their journey in the world of Journalism and Disney to progress and succeed in their ventures in the world of the media.

The recipients include Jonathan David, Jaden Bowen, Briana Michel, Sidney Berry, Devani Allen, Sherby Perez, Jasmine Butler, Dalilah Posley, Jordan Forbes, Beyla Walker, Kendall Williams, Sydney Richardson, Stacy René, Edna Rutland, Sasha Williams, Jordan Joseph, Darryl Smith and Kalei Nash.