Outdoor season next for FAMU track

Photo courtesy: @famutf on Instagram

The Florida A&M track team has successfully closed out its indoor season and is preparing to transition into a winning outdoor season. 

The biggest difference between the two seasons is the number of meters on the track.

On an indoor track, there are only 200 meters, while on an outdoor track, athletes compete on 400 meters. Therefore, training differently for each season is imperative for the team’s success. 

Long sprinter, Dawson Baker, believes another difference in seasons is each competitor’s influence on the other.

“Outdoor, you can really run your own race, whereas indoor, your competitors influence your race much more,” said Baker. “All the work that you do to prepare for the indoor season carries you to outdoors where you want to be peaking.”

The indoor track is said to be a lot more difficult because of its elevated layout and the material the runners compete on.

According to track athlete Leo Maguranyanga, “indoor is a lot of banked curves, and they are really tight. It’s tough running them, and there’s little to no room for a mistake because any infringement can cost you the whole race.”

Maguranyanga also states that, arguably, his coach is one of the best coaches in the world.

“Coach Garfield has been helping us stay on track, and every practice session is becoming tougher by the week to help us stay ready,” he said.

Sprinter Teleda Williams explains that she prepares for her last outdoor season by “being healthy and giving it her all,” no matter what. Because her track career at Famu is ending, she wants to communicate well with her coaches and go out with a bang. 

Jordyn Ash participates in two field events, the long and triple jump. She is preparing for this season by fine-tuning her steps and rhythm to be more consistent on the board when jumping. 

Ash also explains that she is “honing in on the triple jump technique” to maintain her momentum for an excellent jump down the runaway.

Max testing measures how much each athlete has improved from the off-season. For improvement, practices have to be strenuous.

“Overall, these next few weeks are going to be hell. I’ve mentioned to the guys that we have to go toe to toe,” said Magurayanga. “If it means throwing up, so be it.”

So, as for the track team, being ready for the outdoor season has become an understatement. The team is physically and mentally preparing for intense training and anticipates another victorious season. 

The first outdoor meet will occur at the University of South Florida on Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18.