Zachary Bell proud of his record

Zachary Bell photo courtesy: Bell’s Instagram

Zachary Bell, Florida A&M University’s student body president, has shown during the
past 10 months exactly why he was meant to hold the position of SGA president.

He campaigned with the slogan “By Any Means Necessary,” and Bell has made sure
students have had plenty of resources at their disposal when and if they ever needed
them while also making sure the campus stays true to its culture.

“I’ve always had the passion to serve my peers and to help the community,” said Bell, a
fourth-year business administration student. “I have held several different positions here
at FAMU leading up to SGA president and with each one, my passion and love has
grown stronger for serving my people.”

Issac Harmon, a fourth-year sociology major from Palm Beach County, is impressed by
how well Bell has handled himself and his administration throughout this school year.

“It’s been a long school year so far with all of the issues and obstacles we (students)
have faced,” Harmon said. “Although, as soon as an issue arises, it seems as if Zach
and his administration get it handled almost immediately. SGA has definitely done their
part to ease a lot of the stress on us as students this year.”

Bell’s winning ticket continues to raise the bar for what their administration can
accomplish. A few of the points his team has so eagerly sought were affordable meal
plans, better financial aid experience, and providing more affordable off-campus
housing. This school year, students have witnessed the making of better meal plans,
faster financial aid, and the school has purchased more off-campus housing apartments
for students.

Matthew Williams, a fourth-year business administration student from Miami, is very
satisfied with the direction the campus is going in and supports it fully.

“I feel like everyone counted them out at first but they continued to get things done and
prove all the non-believers wrong,” Williams said. “I currently stay on campus and I
haven’t really had any issues with meal plans or financial aid. We even saw cheaper
rates for staying on campus this year than previously before.”

On the other hand, there have been obstacles in the road for Bell and his

“The biggest obstacle we had to overcome was homecoming,” Bell said. “The budget
this year was so low compared to other years that we had to improvise and seek a third

party entertainment company to cover it. It was hard because that third party entity
didn’t keep up with their end of the deal at times but we continued to persevere through
Bell said his administration plans to rectify that experience by making this semester’s Be
Out Day one for the ages.