Rattlers take on another campaign season

Courtesy of Rattlers United on Instagram.

From the time you walk onto campus, you can smell the eagerness of FAMU candidates.
Dressed in quality from top to bottom, candidates use dead days on the quad to gain their votes.

Candidates have prepared for these moments months ahead of time. At times, Florida A&M can
be a tough crowd but wants nothing but greatness for the candidates.

Utilizing this opportunity with their graphics, candidates often recreate famous tv shows, movies,
or musicians to attract the student crowd. In previous years, we’ve seen people angle their
campaigns with Aaliyah, Beyonce, That’s So Raven and Fresh Prince.

Janelle Cotton, a current candidate running for Miss Senior Attendant, says what has helped
bring her campaign to life was her support system. Expressing her gratitude for their generosity,
Cotton was joyful when talking about her team.

“They have kept me level headed throughout this entire week,” said Cotton, “They made this
experience good for me, and I haven’t been as stressed as what I thought it would be.”

Precious Nobles is the woman behind it all. Serving as the Electoral Commissioner Chairwoman,
Nobles is an expert when it comes to campaign elections. Just last semester, FAMU elections
faced some heat from students due to ongoing issues. This semester marks a new day for
elections, as this is the least of their worries.

Nobles say the best moments that have been made within the team and the FAMU candidates
have been at their pageant practices. Preparing the ladies and gentlemen for their moment to
shine, Nobles cherishes this time to encourage the students to step outside their comfort zone.

“It has allowed me to get to know the better,” said Nobles. “We use this time of practice to
handle business but also spread the message of having confidence in ourselves…walk by faith
and not by sight.”

Breche Da’Valt is a living example of what it means to walk by faith and not by sight. Around
this time last year, Da’Valt ran for Miss Senior Attendant. Working tirelessly on the scene and
behind the scenes to gain her votes, she, unfortunately, lost her campaign.

Da’Valt says that she encourages current candidates to capitalize on this advantage. Emphasizing
the importance of internalizing with the people could help you in the long run.

“I might’ve lost my campaign, but with the skills that I gained, and the support that I had, I
received an internship with the NFL in Los Angeles…when one door closes, there’s always
another one that will open.”

Election day will take place next week, on Tuesday, February 21. To vote, you will receive an
email from FAMU elections. Voting is from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.