Calling all Rattlers to the stage

Rattlers show off their skills while vying to reign next year.
Photo creds: Famuelections instagram

As campaign season slowly starts to come to a close, the rattlers are anxious to see who will serve on
their next royal court. Students from all over campus grabbed their T-shirts, banners and flyers as they
made their way to the pharmacy building for the Y2K themed Spring 2023 Candidates pageant. As seats
began to fill, the energy in the room became contagious. People sat in their designated groups based on
the candidates they were supporting and began chanting the contestants’ names, following music by DJ
Savage with Mia Uzzell and Isaiah Lysse as the host for the night.

The event began with a show-opening dance routine, in which candidates danced alongside their
competitors based on their desired roles. Leading into the individual introductions where candidates
were able to set the scene by announcing themselves and formally declaring their desired positions. The
sophomore attendant candidates for the upcoming year include Zoe Carter, Ongel Harris and Baleigh
Moore. Followed by junior attendants Rochaya Reid and Tamerah Williams. Further transitioning into
senior attendants candidates Jada Carter, Janelle Cotton and Kenyana McCray. And then moving on to
both the Queen and King of Orange and Green candidates Keyanna McFann, Sumayyah Muhammad,
Johnny Fitz and Malachi Gibbs. Lastly, ending the introductions were none other than our very own Mr.
and Miss Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University candidates Skylar Warren, Kendall Johnson,
Devin Nobles, Joel Williams and Andre McClain.

In addition to all the festivities that took place on stage a surprise visit from our current royal court took
place which then led to the next part of the pageant, the business scene. Giving the audience members
a little background on their future careers, candidates strut the stage in their professional attire based
on their majors and areas of expertise.

FAMU student Angel Mayfield, says she was amazed to see the things that these candidates brought to
the table.

“There were a lot of different varieties and things I didn’t expect,” said Mayfield. “I’ve never been to a
pageant before so seeing the different personalities and the whole production put together overall was

Up next was the talent portion. From tap dance to spoken word, the crowd was ecstatic to see some of
their favorite candidates show off some of their hidden but meaningful talents, as each of them
performed something special and personal to their campaign platforms. Post intermission, the show
resumed with its last segment, the formal section. Each candidate took the time to not only walk the
stage with style and grace but also express some of their platform points.

Kaleb Levarity, the former 22 nd Mr. Florida A&M University, is hopeful for what this campaign season
may bring as he emphasizes maintaining the standard and what FAMU represents.

“Exceed your own expectations,” said Levarity. “Whether you win or lose you don’t want to live with
that regret that you didn’t do everything that you could.”