Lamar Jackson looks to settle new deal

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Lamar Jackson’s decision to bet on himself going into the ’22-23 season could cost him in his new deal. As we know, Lamar Jackson is one of the most talented quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. As a quarterback, Jackson is undeniably the most elusive and electric player in all of the NFL. To be clear, there has never been another player with the skill set of Lamar “Action” Jackson.

Entering this season, Lamar made it clear to the Ravens organization and the media that at the start of the season, he did not want to be in the negotiation of a new deal. Instead, he focused strictly on the season and the team’s success.

Reports stated the Ravens offered Jackson an extension worth $250 million with $133 guaranteed. However, Jackson, his mother, and the Ravens could not agree. He is also receiving backlash for not having a licensed professional agent, as his mother is serving as his current agent.

It is assumed that Jackson turned down Baltimore’s offer because he wanted a fully guaranteed contract similar to Deshaun Watson’s deal in Cleveland. When asked if he turned down a quarter of a billion dollars from the Ravens in a press conference, Jackson replied, “Fully guaranteed?”
Senior business major Rodney Tape expresses profound concern for Jackson’s future as a Raven.
“I’m a huge Lamar Jackson fan, but his injury may cost him a lot of money. He should’ve sat this year out without a new deal signed,” Tape said.

Jackson’s response led us to believe Baltimore potentially feared paying him fully guaranteed because of his increased chances of injury due to his play style and their play calling.
Senior Linebacker for FAMU’s football team Nadarius Fagan, says the loss of Lamar Jackson would be huge for the Ravens organization.
“He’s a generational talent, and guys like him are hard to play against. So I’d much rather play with him rather than against him,” Fagan said.

On December 4th, Jackson suffered a PCL grade 2 sprain on the borderline of a train 3, causing him to walk in a boot and miss the remainder of this season (6 games).
For Jackson, it is fair to speculate that he wanted more guaranteed money because he deserved so. Since 2018, Baltimore has been 45-16, 8-13 without. He is the only the 2nd player in NFL history to win NFL MVP unanimously with Tom Brady. He is the only player ever to have three passing TDs & 100+ rushing yards in 4 different games. Six players tied with 1 in NFL History. Before going down, only Nick Chubb, Cordarrelle Patterson & Saquon Barkley had more rushes for 15+ yards.

Besides Patrick Mahomes, no quarterback is worth more than Lamar Jackson. They are both luxury talents that are simply irreplaceable. However, over ten quarterbacks are being paid more than Jackson. Unfortunately for Jackson, none of the top 4 made the playoffs.

For Baltimore, it is fair to speculate they fear paying Jackson a fully guaranteed contract for the same reason Jackson missed the last six games of the season and playoffs. It would be interesting to see what ultimately happens now, as the Ravens just made first-year LB Roquan Smith the highest-paid LB in NFL history.
Jim Harbaugh, Head Coach of the Ravens, said Lamar Jackson would be their franchise quarterback.

“One hundred percent, 200 percent. There’s no question about it. Lamar Jackson is our quarterback. He’s been our quarterback,” Harbaugh said.

If it is one thing we know for sure, Lamar Jackson is a generational talent. If Baltimore doesn’t pay and guarantees him what he deserves, more than 12 teams across the NFL will.