Jeffrey Francis: Youth on the rise

Photo Creds: Jeffrey Francis

Jacksonville native and freshman Senator Jeffery Francis is vying for the coveted Student
Government Association vice president position at FAMU. At just 18 years old Francis is
the youngest candidate on the ticket. While tender in age , experience is no issue.

Francis began his collegiate career in high school earning an associate’s degree upon
graduation. With 66% of his college credits already under his belt Francis hit the ground running
earning the first seat on the Student Senate, and most recently becoming a member
of the Powerhouse Chapter of Collegiate 100.

Francis is ready to continue along that path and attack the issues FAMU faces head on. He
believes the most prevalent matter facing FAMU is “resistance to change,” which stems from a
“lack of transparency and communication”, and further conveys that we are stuck in an “Old

One word that remained constant in Francis’ mind, “innovation”. He implied that change and
innovation is high on his agenda but understands that everything cannot happen all at once. It’s
his plan to communicate why a change is needed during his campaign and increment it slowly if

Francis is well aware that he will repeatedly be subject to comments concerning his age. A vast
amount of the student body simply believe he has not been at FAMU long enough to hold a
position of this magnitude. Some have taken to the popular Fizz app to verbalize their
uneasiness. Despite the backlash he’s receiving, Jeffery sees his age as a strength; he
expresses that he is young socially but seasoned academically which broadens his perspective
and allows him to see all viewpoints.

Francis understands the challenge that it takes to win over students in other classes, but
believes rattlers will recognize his “ability to lead” and his “character” over all else.

London Mondelus and Jeffery Francis face an uphill battle as campaigns kick off and election
day approaches, but both are prepared to do what it takes to represent the student body.