‘You’ season 4; flop or not?

Photo of “You” star and season four cast. Photo creds: Collider

The Netflix hit thriller drama series “You” returns following its Feb 9 release date. Its fourth season, part
one secured the number one spot and reached 92 million hours viewed despite receiving mixed reviews
as some fans felt the series could have ended in its third season.

The fourth season follows the main character Joe Goldberg (Pen Badgely) to London, where he follows
his ex-lover Marienne (Tati Gabrille). In hopes of convincing her, or really himself, that he’s not a
despicable murderer. Goldberg tries to lead a changed life with his new identity as a college professor, vowing never to murder again. However, that vow is short-lived as Goldberg ultimately is pulled back
into his old ways as a string of murders ensues closely around him. Goldberg is both the prey and
predator in this season as the “Eat Rich Killer” takes a found obsession in getting Goldberg to admit that
he likes the act of murdering.

The plot twist and development, which is widely known to change in every season, have some fans
completely enthralled watching as the table turns for Goldberg as he fights to keep his past hidden from
his stalker.

Having completed the first half of the season, Megan Saintal, a nursing major at Florida Agricultural
University, who is enjoying the twist and turns in this new season so far, said, “I like it, the plot for this
season so far is pretty good…. him having a stalker and then seeing who it is was a good thriller shock.”

Although she enjoyed it, she did have some conflicting opinions. “It should have stopped at least at
season three, I feel like season three was a good stop. This season is good, but it wasn’t needed,” said

Jada Peterson, who was highly anticipating the season like most fans after the climatic ending of the season
three found herself stuck on the first episode of this season for the third time in a row.

“I think the episode started a little slow, not going to lie, I think I got to the point where he was teaching
his class, and I fell back asleep. I can’t get past it,” said Peterson

Symone Wright also felt the same way initially, but her view changed as the storyline progressed.

“So far in the beginning, it was very repetitive like it seemed like you already know what will happen, but
later on it was a mystery like now I’m trying to figure out who’s the murder,” said Wright, rating the
series an 8 out of 10.

You’s fourth season viewership numbers speak for itself that the season is not a complete flop, but many
fans echo Saintal sentiments that the series could have stopped at season three.