8 a.m.’s on an empty stomach? Easy breakfast ideas for early risers

Some students with 8 a.m. classes tend to go to their lectures without breakfast. Photo creds: MGNOnline

Waking up and having to leave the comfort of your bed to go to a class at 8 in the morning can be quite hectic, especially when you haven’t had breakfast. For those just getting out of bed, they won’t have time to make something other than a bowl of cereal or, in some cases, a cup of coffee to keep them awake as the clock ticks by in their morning lecture. To save yourself from an empty stomach, here are some easy breakfast ideas to keep the stomach going and the energy flowing for those slow mornings.

For starters, you can’t go wrong with yogurt or parfait, with some yogurt from the supermarket, some granola, if that’s something you prefer, and some berries. Not only does it not break the bank, but it also keeps you satisfied until lunch or snack time.

With the cost of eggs increasing gradually, many are wary of purchasing them at the grocery store. Still, eggs can be used multi-purposely, the breakfast possibilities are endless! Scrambled, sunny side up, an omelet, an egg sandwich with some bacon or sausage, you can even have some frittata muffins in the oven.

Also, don’t be afraid to go with frozen or microwaveable breakfast items as well! A breakfast burrito, some frozen Eggo waffles, french toast sticks, Quaker’s oatmeal, or anything you can toss in the microwave or toaster is always something easy to eat!

For those who like to eat on the cleaner, healthier side, you can’t go wrong with an acai bowl or a smoothie or smoothie bowl. If you have a blender, toss in some acai, some berries and greens, a splash of milk or water, and some ice, and that’ll keep you going for the morning. Acai and smoothie bowls only contain about 70 calories and have little to no sugar in them.

Toast or bread-related items can be fulfilling as well. For example, some freshly made french toast, regular toast in the toaster, pancakes, or even store-bought muffins, croissants, or for luxurious individuals, a scone. These are some things you can grab on your way out the door if you had a late start to your day and need to make it to that lecture.

But for those who aren’t culinary savvy and need something that only requires a bit of energy, there is nothing wrong with a bowl of cereal and milk to start your day with!