What are Rattlers doing after graduation?

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Many students find graduation to be an exciting moment, especially graduating from a university. That feeling when one knows they have achieved their purpose and friends, family, and loved ones come together to share the joyous occasion. An HBCU degree has given many people a good perspective.

After someone receives their degree from the university, they have a plethora of options to consider. Many are entirely sure what to do next, and while feeling anxious is standard, many hope that the past four years have been worthwhile. Making a list of what to do after graduating from any university can be helpful.

Ashlei Norton, a graduating senior at FAMU from Tallahassee, said she is looking into graduate school after earning her bachelor’s degree.

“I have been looking at certain master’s programs, specifically in integrated marketing. I am also interested in marijuana marketing communications, so I’m hoping the program I choose will also entail some information about that,” Norton said.

“I do feel like I need a long break to recover from my academics so I might start my master’s journey in January of 2024. I’m just hoping for the best and to be somewhere that I’m satisfied and learning what I need to be a professional in the business of marketing and communication field,” she added.

There are some students who already have a job lined up. There are also students who are hoping to figure it out by graduation. It is okay to not have it figured out as well. It is natural to be anxious about the prospect of being unemployed after graduation, but you should remember that it is better to take your time exploring your interests than to immediately start on a road you might not be ready to take.

Lebaron Fields, a graduating scholar from Orlando, says he is not too sure what he plans on doing after graduation.

“After being in a small town like Tallahassee for so long I really want to experience a metropolitan lifestyle after graduation,” Fields said. “Coming from a larger city to here was a big change that allowed me to solely concentrate on school but I’m so excited to live a faster pace lifestyle.”

Whatever you choose to do you will find answers with each small step you take. You might be apprehensive, but always be excited and open to greet a new phase in life.