Tie the knot, not that knot

Soul ties can make or break a relationship.
Photo Courtesy: @muhammedsalah on Instagram

The concept of having a soul tie with someone has become a recurring topic on social media. Women and men take to the timeline to vent about their deep connection with their significant other and how this tie is hard to break.

According to brides.com, a soul tie is an intense spiritual connection between two people resulting in a mutual learning experience. This fierce connection typically develops after two people become intimate or romantically involved.

The evolution of soul ties stems from having a soulmate or a twin flame. These mystical connections are rooted in the theory that we are all spiritually connected and our energies are transferable.

Maurice Morten, a fourth-year business administration student, explains that a soul tie is an instant connection between two people.

“I feel like soul ties in a relationship; you know that the person is right for you from the beginning,” Morten said. “You two naturally click through things you have in common and similar goals.”

Although having this magical connection with a person sounds beautiful and fulfilling, it can also cause people to be blinded by love and stay in relationships that no longer serve them. The dark side of a soul tie can result in people returning to toxic relationships despite knowing that the relationship is tainted.

Tristen Clark, a third-year social work student, describes her experience of having a soul tie with a person as a deep physical attachment that was hard to break.

“I don’t want to say it made me crazy, but it was like a form of attachment,” Clark said. “ I want to be in their presence and always want to be in conversation with them. Things that they’re doing or that other people are doing to them affect me even when they shouldn’t.”

There are many theories on how to break a soul tie. Some say you have to do spiritual rituals or a tarot card reading; others believe you have enough willpower to distance yourself from that person gradually.

Clark believes that the best way to heal from this deep connection is to detach from the individual completely, “It’s a mental thing; you must think of mind over matter. You have to know that you don’t want any parts of this situation and distance yourself from the person.”

With any theory, there are believers and nonbelievers. The skeptics can’t seem to wrap their heads around two souls colliding and forming a bond over sex or intimate acts.

Brandon Love, a first-year MBA candidate, said he is apprehensive about the concept of having a soul tie.

“I don’t see how sex ties two souls together,” Love said. “Are your souls solely based on sex? Because if that is the case, then I guess your soul wasn’t doing much before you had sex.”

Whether good or bad, a soul tie is a learning experience for both parties. It is essential to keep in mind that every relationship is not meant to last forever. By maintaining that mindset, you can better appreciate the person and the lessons learned from the situation.