Love me every day like it’s Valentine’s Day

A sea of hearts showing the symbol of love. Photo courtesy: Getty Images

Valentine’s Day, the glorified holiday with romance and big gestures is vastly approaching. Greeting card companies profit incredibly off this one day, while some relationships are put on the line in a test of love. Even though there are 364 other days in the year, love languages for many are only shown and received on February 14.

Millennials have their traditions to get a hotel room, leave roses on a heart-shaped bed, set out a galore of candles and buy lots of expensive gifts. This ideal scenario has been pushed into what is mainstream. It’s a commonality for some to go over and beyond regardless of what they are used to in their relationships on any regular day.

The pressures of Valentine’s day are tied to money, status, and nowadays, the Internet. The day has turned into a media fiasco as people post what their significant other is doing for them.

Imani Johnson, a romantic at heart, is single, but talking to someone. She has a good understanding of financial responsibility when it comes to gift gifting and believes every day is “love day,” including this special day.

“Why are you waiting for a holiday to show your person love and appreciation. Many people feel a certain obligation to do these expensive lavish showings and people look to the Internet for validation.”

“If you can’t give it to your significant other, then why expect it in return. People need to be realistic as far as what they can afford and expectations for gifts,” Johnson said.

Some people don’t expect as much and often refer to the saying, “it’s the little things that mean the most.”

Mich’aela Wells, a junior, is single and ready to mingle. Her love language is words of affirmation and she appreciates hearing how much someone cares for her, not just on February 14, but all the time.

“Whatever you are doing on Valentine’s Day, you could do it on a regular day. When it comes to Valentine’s Day I don’t really do much.”

“If I was in a relationship, I would want my person to acknowledge the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day with a call,” Wells said.

Showing your partner admiration only on Valentine’s Day is very common with some people. Love is essential in relationships and can be shown every day. Simple gratification is romance in itself.