S’mores and songs at Black History Month event

This photo was captured while students were going through the process of making a s’more.
Photo Credit: Imani Williams



The February breeze on FAMU’s campus paired perfectly with s’mores on Thursday
evening as the Efferson Student Union and Activities collaborated with the FAMU 2026
Campus Activities Board to organize “Karaoke ’n’ S’mores.”

The event took place at in the Rattlers’ Den as part of the Black History Month
celebration. The event was organized so that students could take a small break from
classes and debrief from the eventful start of the semester.

There were several different chocolates, marshmallows, and gram crackers to pair with
the sweet treat. The beginning of the event was devoted to eating and socializing with
students on “the hill.” This gave students an opportunity to network, make friends, and
enjoy their time. But once the music turned on, that’s when the fun really began.

Students sang along to their favorite songs from rap, R&B, to gospel. Students were in
pure bliss on a Thursday night.

The event was coordinated by Percy Henry, who is staff at FAMU under the Office of
Student Activities as the volunteerism and diversity, equity and inclusion coordinator.

“This event is a part of the Black History Month activity so that students could have fun
and interact with each other without finding entertainment off campus,” Henry said.

FAMU is a Historically Black College or University, which is why it is important for FAMU
to plan activities to promote Black History Month. Especially in light of the current socio-
political climate of Governor Ron DeSantis, who wants to defund diversity, equity and
inclusion in Florida’s public universities and colleges.

It is important to also acknowledge the past and present accomplishments of Black
leaders so that students can empathize with or strive to become them. This is created
through knowledgeable events on campus such as “Karaoke N’ S’mores.”

During the event students were given a platform to give words of encouragement, a
song, a spoken word or even a laugh.

Desire Carter, a social work major, is the Class of 2026 president, Carter was able to
coordinate and participate in Thursday’s karaoke.

“This was a really fun space that made students feel comfortable and welcomed while
singing and enjoying s’more,” she said.

The event made the students feel united when they were able to take time and come
together as one. The Efferson Student Union and Activities has several more events for
this month to help students learn, celebrate and embrace Black History Month.