Do the Grammys rig nomination winners?

South Korean boy band BTS pictured at the 64th Grammy Awards show
Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

After the 65th annual Grammy Awards this past Sunday, the reoccurring speculation of ”Stock” winners have resurfaced. However, with the recent Grammy Awards wins on February 5th, the talk is only getting louder.

If we reminisce back to previous Grammy shows, it is not uncommon to find our favorite artists plain out of luck when it comes to a win or even a simple nomination. The Weekend, for example, created one of the most amazing albums of all time, After Hours, which was released on March 20th, 2020, and gathered well over 100 million streams on Spotify.

From the concept to the youtube music videos, this man truly deserved his flowers, with many speculating this to be the Album of the Year, everyone was disappointed when he was not even nominated for any award at the Grammys, being such a disappointment that even The Weekend himself has decided to boycott all future Grammy Award shows.

The term “Nomination Snub” refers to an entity that clearly deserves to be nominated for an event or award and has not been. We also use the term “snubbed” as a general term for awards and nominations, and let’s be completely honest, The Weekend is not the first artist to have been cheated out of the bare minimum.

Nicki Minaj, a popular rap artist, has been nominated for a good amount of Grammys in her career span, winning absolutely nothing. Other artists such as Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, SIA, and many more have been nominated but have yet to win a Grammy award, which confuses many as they are known and supported artists.

Popular South Korean boy group BTS, notoriously known for their English songs Dynamite, Butter, and Permission to Dance, was nominated for five Grammys as of 2023 without a single win. The nominations would be understandable if they were put up against worthy opponents. Still, some past wins have not made technical sense, as many groups or duos in the same category were only collaborations between artists. Many leave BTS’s losing streak up to xenophobia, which is a common occurrence at the Award show between competitors.

The group’s fan base, Army, has definitely not let the show produces live it down, as they do not forget to remind them and other award shows which fanbase takes up the audience at these award shows.

Still, unrecognizable music acts such as Bonnie Raitt managed to win Song of the Year at this year’s show; this phenomenon leaves many to wonder if the Grammys are truly rigged based on the bias of the producers or the quality of the music.

Many were in complete awe when Harry Styles won Album of the Year against the one and only Beyoncé this year for his album Harry’s House, calling this the ultimate defamation of character. Harry Styles has most definitely risen to fame since his days with the popular teen boy group, One Direction, but many Beyoncé fans do not deem him worthy of the award holder over her.

This loss for Beyoncé, though, was not a big one, as she beat the world record for Grammy wins, totaling 32 in her lifetime, which has many thinking of all the artists that these could have
gone to or even deserved to go to.

All in all, many people are now boycotting the Grammys in support of their favorite artists and even deeming it the “Scammy’s” in reference to their scam of a drawing system. After all, it does seem suspicious that the majority of white and high investors tend to win over harder-working acts when all producers and judges of the show are caucasian.