Apple appears to dominate on ‘the hill’

Photo of students working on iPad
Credit: Apple

Syreena Williams, who is in her third year as a health science major at Florida A&M
University, is a proud Apple owner.

“I really love using my Apple devices. I nearly always have my iPad out in class. Apple
is one brand you can expect you’ll see on campus. I think that many other students like
it because it is so popular and easy to use,” she said.

It’s not unusual to see several Apple products, including computers, iPhones, iPads and
more, on a college campus. North Carolina A&T State University, another HBCU, just
developed a new program called AMP-UP. In exchange for taking part in the program,
students and instructors receive Apple products, including 64GB iPad Airs, Apple Smart
Folio Keyboards, and Apple Pencils for use with the iPads in sketching, writing,
annotating and marking up.

According to Emory’s information technology division, 46.3 percent of students have a
Mac and 42.3 percent have a PC when it comes to laptops. There are a lot of iPads and
iPad minis roaming about campuses since 72.6% of students who have tablets utilize
them. Laptop and tablet users account for 86.1% of all usage in the classroom.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to locate an Apple store near FAMU. The nearest Apple shop
is in Jacksonville, which is about 168 miles away.

“It would be fantastic if there was an Apple store nearby where you can take your
broken iPhone or iPad or test drive a brand new MacBook. Tallahassee is one of the
few cities in Florida that does not have an Apple shop for some reason,” Williams said.

According to a poll conducted by Apple device management business Jamf, the main
reason participants like the Mac is not because of its hardware or usage; 64 percent just
enjoy the brand. Fifty-nine percent of students admire how simple they are to use.

Kari Richardson, a fourth-year health administration major at FAMU, became an Apple
fan while studying on “the hill.”

“I don’t regret choosing Apple as my everyday product, it makes writing my reports a
breeze. I’ve seen an improvement in my grades from using my iPad mini to study for my
classes and to take notes during classes,” Richardson said.

“I write up my reports on my MacBook, and moving them across devices seems quick
and reliable. It’s my first year using a MacBook; I keep seeing them around campus and
decided I’d give them a try when I needed a new laptop,” she added.

According to Techspot News, 71 percent of college students own or prefer the Mac, and
51 percent of the PC owners would prefer to use a Mac if the cost was not a

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