Washington takes fashion design to new level

(SE7EN) logo courtesy Tatyana Washington

Creative millennials are continuously breaking barriers and opening spaces for themselves that otherwise wouldn’t be offered.

Tatyana Washington, a fashion designer, and broadcast journalism major at Florida A&M University, has launched her own fashion clothing line called SE7EN LABEL

With her label she brings her customer’s visions to life with custom, handmade pieces that uniquely fit the person it was made for.

Washington provided an inside look at how her label conspired and the meaning it holds behind it.

“My birthday is Oct. 7 so my clothing brand kinda transpired from that. When creating my brand name I took as this was my year of luck and great opportunity and just ran with the idea of SE7EN LABEL,” Washington said.

She continued, “My very first collection created in summer ’21 was named SE7EN SEAS, and that consisted of bathing suits. From there that’s when I started putting out content.”

Washington acquired her love for all things designing from the moment she was able to get her hands on her first sewing machine. It was then she realized her passion for fashion and took curating looks to a new level.

Amari Swift. Photo courtesy: Swift

Amari Swift, a health science major and client of SE7EN, keeps coming back for more outfits.

“I love unique pieces and not wearing what everyone else is wearing while still feeling confident in a brand that values my style with a combination with the SE7EN brand,” Swift said.

As a fashion designer, your sole purpose is to ensure the vision of the customer is met and then some. Washington has done exactly that, and it shows through her consumers.

Justin Little, a supply chain management major, has been shopping with SE7EN for about a year.  He has quickly become a loyal customer.

“I keep coming back because her products are very creative and authentic. She also makes them herself which I find pretty cool,” Little said.

Being creative in any aspect can be challenging, especially when it’s something you’re passionate about. Molding an idea into a reality can be difficult, especially as a budding adult entering the real world.

Washington said, “I knew that this was just a talent of mine that allowed me to show the world my originality. It’s always the best feeling when putting work into custom hand-made pieces and the customer loving exactly how it turned out.”