Administration vs. students

Phot credits: Spelman freshman Jahni Lane-Foster collecting grievances at HBCU protest in Atlanta.

When students have difficulties or concerns, they are more likely to seek advice from professors
than administrators due to the lack of resolution that results from dealing with school authorities.
When it comes to problems on campus, administrators are generally eager to solicit comments
from students; nevertheless, seeking opinions from college students does not guarantee that they
will feel heard.

Sydney Aitcheson, a fourth-year broadcast journalism major, believes that while some
administrators try their best to assist students, others do not put in nearly as much effort.

“I believe our administration cares about our success, but their actions don’t always reflect this,”
said Aitcheson. “When we call for help, we are frequently treated rudely or placed on wait for
hours. Some administrators go above and beyond for our well-being, but they are a small

The expense of attending college, financial pressures on students, and mental health are all significant
reasons why students are hesitant to share concerns with university officials. Regarding
handling student difficulties, Florida A&M University has its own set of challenges, and those
issues are quickly broadcasted on social media. However, Bethune-Cookman University has
recently made headlines due to issues with its leadership.

On January 23rd, hundreds of BCU students gathered to protest current campus conditions that
are going unnoticed, only two days after the institution parted ways with the head coach and NFL
Hall of Famer Ed Reed. Students marched from noon until approximately 2 p.m. At some point
in the protest, they shouted, “The Board of Trustees got to go,” according to Chris Vinel, a reporter
for The Daytona Beach News-Journal. BCU students complained of mold in their rooms, a lack
of hot water and air conditioning, and many other issues that went unreported by the
school management. Debris is still on campus from hurricanes Ian and Nicole last fall.

Ed Reed resorted to social media on Saturday, saying that the administration at Bethune-
Cookman was forcing him out of his contract. His social media outburst enraged students and
officials alike. On the other hand, some students backed Reeds’ social media protest since it
brought attention to what was happening at school.

There are many videos on Twitter showcasing students protesting for Ed Reed, the new leader,
and better living conditions in hopes of not going unnoticed by administrators.

Photo credits: Twitter


In a tweet shared by @Me2Savvy, the user shares a video of the protest and their support for Ed Reed, the tweet states, “The Students at Bethune-Cookman are protesting for Ed Reed, New leadership, and better living conditions. @TwentyER We have your back! #EdReedWasRight #Hailwildcats,” the tweet has over 31,000 views.

Students that have concerns with the administration are not uncommon at FAMU. Last semester, students were astounded by the variety of issues that arose from the housing department. Students were forced to evacuate to local hotels when a small fire caused a flood in Village West. Palmetto Phase III was infected with mold and bugs, forcing students to relocate to nearby hotels, further adding to the student housing crisis.

FAMU has had to deal with more than just housing concerns. Teachers have been quitting suddenly, leaving students disoriented. Teachers unexpectedly departing raises concerns about how the administration handles its employees, not only the students. Jakayla Jackson, a second-year broadcast journalism student, expresses difficulties adjusting to
campus administration, being a transfer student from BCU.

“When I got to FAMU, I did experience some mean attitudes over the phone depending on the
department,” said Jackson. “I hate to say this, but I guess that is the culture of an HBCU. Despite
everything, I know they are doing the best they can, so I’m extremely grateful for their work and

There are several challenges affecting students as a result of administrative flaws. One of the essential areas of management in school administration. Therefore, who will be if they aren’t worried about their student’s well-being?