TEDXFAMU plans to uplift students, one talk at a time

Photo Courtesy of Doole Communications

This upcoming Sunday, speakers will arrive on FAMU’s campus to present their TED Talks. Ted
Talk is an online platform that showcases expert speakers from around the world to address an
audience for an influential conversation.

But who is the creative mind behind this idea? Meet Nyla Sams, a third-year business
administration student who is also known as the mastermind behind TEDXFAMU. Sams says
after getting the heads up from FAMU, she knew this was the right time to make this happen.

“I wanted to provide some good press that highlights our academic integrity and reinforces that
we are the Black mecca for education and for intellect.”

Aside from TEDXFAMU, Nyla Sams is a woman about her business. Some of her highlighting
moments are working in SGA since her freshman year and becoming Miss 1963 of The
Collegiate 100.

Sams reflected on a core memory at FAMU and how it has shaped her into the woman she is

“I’m in this big poofy ball gown sitting next to my pageant sister, and we just looked at each
other with so much happiness because it’s over but also the start of something new… we both
became pageant sisters after that.”

Kayla Braggs is a FAMU alum who will be one of the eight speakers at TEDXFAMU. Although
her resume speaks for itself, Braggs discussed the importance of using your first semester to
observe what FAMU has to offer.

“Spring semester was when I hit the ground running. I established my GPA in the fall semester
and from there I didn’t take no for an answer.” Said Braggs

Braggs says her goal is to change the narrative students have about the agricultural industry.
“The agricultural industry is not just farming, it has so many different possibilities that are
rewarding and that I didn’t even know were possible when I was trying to jump into the industry.”

Alongside TEDXFAMU speaker, Kayla Braggs, FAMU students and alum like Robert Tucker II,
Jalynn McDuffey, Charles Gee and more will be attending. Within 24 hours after announcing the
ticket sales, TEDXFAMU sold out.

Ted Talks wants its audience to develop imagination and expand their minds to new things.
Creating a deeper understanding of the world we live in and changing the lives of many.

According to the TEDXFAMU Instagram page, they operate by “Uplifting the ideas of diverse
and talented students at Florida A&M University, one talk at a time.”