New student housing named Rattler’s Pointe

FAMU housing named Rattler’s Pointe
Photo courtesy: FAMUNews

Just a few months after FAMU’s acquisition of off campus apartments, the place some
Rattlers will soon call home have received a name just in time for the housing portal to
open in two weeks.

The apartments formerly known as Paces, Twelve-Twenty and Lighthouse will now
collectively be known as Rattler’s Pointe. The new name was voted on in a naming
contest that university housing promoted on their instagram page and announced at
MLK Convocation this past week.

According to the university housing page, Rattler’s Pointe will only be available to
Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students.

The addition will provide 118 beds for the upcoming fall semester. FAMU is also hoping
to build another housing unit in the vacant land that was also acquired in the deal, which
will give an additional 128 beds in the future.

There are also plans to acquire Citivue Apartments according to the Tallahassee
Democrat, which could possibly add more beds for juniors, seniors and graduate

With the housing crisis that negatively impacted the freshmen class last semester, these
acquisitions give more off-campus housing options for upperclassmen and will open up
on campus beds for future first-year students to reside in.

Unfortunately, with add ons comes additional demolitions as Truth Hall, Gibbs Hall and
older dorms on campus are currently scheduled to be demolished in the future.

The housing portal opened for freshmen and transfer students at the beginning of last
month and will be opening for returning students at the beginning of February.

In order for students to be eligible to apply for housing, students must pay an advance
payment of $200. Housing facility preferences are obliged on a first come first served
Due to the university housing office still working on the application process for the new
housing, those interested in applying to reside in Rattler’s Pointe for the ‘23-’24 school

year should refer to the university housing page or call the university housing office for