No Cram Jam this semester

Photo courtesy: @famucab1887

In previous years, students on Florida A&M University’s campus have come together to prepare for finals week. The annual event, “Cram Jam,” thrown by the Student Government Association’s cabinet, is usually held on the Sunday before finals week begins.

The event hosts students of all majors to come unwind with fellow classmates by having a Christmas-themed party, and quiet study rooms as an alternative. Cram Jam is one of the main events students look forward to toward the end of fall semester.

For weeks now, students have been wondering if and when the event will take place.

Unfortunately, this year the highly anticipated event will not be happening.

Devin Nobles, junior class vice president, says although the gathering will not be happening, he still wants to find a way to encourage students to study.

“As of right now, the class cabinet cannot execute the ‘traditional’ Cram Jam,” Nobles said. “I think students should still try to get together for a study session in the library, but the party aspect is not going to happen this year.”

Students who have never had the opportunity to experience a Cram Jam were eager to finally see for themselves what the hype was about. Jasmine Daniels, a health science student, says she was actively checking social media to receive the information.

“I assumed it wasn’t happening this year because I have yet to see any flyers or any official details from the university,” Daniels said. “I’m disappointed because I’ve still never been able to go, and I always hear it’s so much fun.”

Khloe Makeda, junior class cabinet events chair, says they have faced a roadblock with getting events approved. This year, all grades have been combined into one large cabinet instead of hosting events by class.

“A lot of events have been planned but it’s been hard to get specific events approved with the recent changes,” Makeda said. “This semester we got really backed up, but we are planning and hoping for a better semester next year.”

If you are hoping for a last-minute group study session before finals week, there will be snacks and refreshments in Coleman Library from 5 to 8 p.m. Nobles along with the FAMU chapter of Progressive Black Men and the Council of Independent Organizations are teaming up with FAMU GreekLife to host an event in place of Cram Jam. The event is called “The Last Stretch,” and there will be free tutors on hand to help struggling students.