Zafir Furqan’s scents make sense

Photo Courtesy: Pamela Rentz

Convenience is key when it comes to shopping for your personal scent. Notorious
companies such as Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and PINK at times don’t fit our
budget as college students.

In trying times, where can students turn to purchase perfumes or fragrances that don’t
hurt their pockets?

Meet Zafir Furqan, an accounting major at FAMU from Jacksonville who sells an
assortment of essential oil scents for both men and women. The name of his business
is Mr. SMELLGOOD, a rather catchy name that fits his marketing fragrances with their
unique names. He shares where his passion for essential oils began.

“The creation of Mr.SMELLGOOD really came from my grandfather. He used to sell at a
much wider scale at the local flea market in Jacksonville. Before I went to college he
gave me a stand and a few bars of soap and said to basically make some money with
it,” Furqan said. “My first two years I wasn’t as big, and I didn’t really have a name for
myself. But my third year, I got some push from friends and family saying that I should
take it to the next step, which led to the name and becoming a regular vendor at Set

A key tip in retaining customers is the way in which you market your products, making
them personable and getting to know your clientele is something Zafir is good at.

Marven Jean, a music education major, shared what kept him coming back for more of

“The scents were amazing and the 2 for $10 deal wasn’t breaking the bank so I was
like, why not,” said Jean. “He was also very knowledgeable about what he was selling
and through that, he gained my trust and I just kept buying.”

Zafir prides himself on just that, being mobile to those who live on campus and each
scent being personalized with its unique name attracts the eyes of many future
consumers across campus.

Tahodja Bond, a broadcast journalism student, shares a similar experience as a
consumer with Mr.SMELLGOOD.

“What stands out is that sample factor,” Bond said. “We’ve lost the time where we could
try on items before we buy, and Zafir capitalizes on that.”

As a business owner, a looming question is where you want to take your business and
where this partnership is heading. Zafir shares his future for his business.

“I would like to further expand Mr.SMELLGOOD by being more than a college vendor,”
Furqan said. “I’m already taking steps to expand for shipping, and a website will be
available in the near future.”