A banner year for new nail styles

Chrome heart French tip nails. Photo courtesy: Devani Allen

This has been a huge year for nail technicians due to the creation of so many fads.

Kawaii charms, Chrome Hearts and Crocodile print French tips are just a few of the trends that surfaced in the nail industry during 2022. Some trends, such as the ombre French tip, first made an appearance on TikTok and quickly moved to Instagram where the design took off.

Nail artists such as Jaden Romeo believe this year was one for the books.

“I had so much fun doing my clients’ nails this year, every day I was inspired by someone online whether I was creating a freestyle set, or my clients brought in inspiration photos,” Romeo said. “I can’t imagine any nail tech creating a new design by the end of the year but there really is no telling, it seems like something new happens all the time.”

Along with the new nail trends came new prices. The cost of nail enhancements has increased this year, partially due to supplies costing more. The average price for a plain, short set in Tallahassee is $55. To add on designs or length, customers can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $200. While that may be extreme to some, others such as Koreen Lowe, are willing to pay large sums of money for uniquely designed nails.

“For so long I used to get a basic set with ‘Bubble Bath by OPI’ but then I started finding really good techs on Instagram who know how to draw well, and I haven’t gone back to Bubble Bath since,” Romeo said. “I would say the most exotic set I’ve gotten this year would be my Kawaii set, I had large charms on every finger and on some fingers, I had multiple charms.”

Despite the creation of so many new designs this year, there is still more to come. Recently, celebrity nail artists have encouraged followers to try duck tip nails. In comparison to the traditional square shape that nail extensions come in, these flare at the top, like a duck’s foot. While these aren’t new, they are beginning to be more popular than in previous years.

Biance Sinclair says although she does not plan to wear duck nails, she enjoys the aesthetic of them.

“I don’t think duck nails are for me because my nail beds are so small, but I do think they are very cute,” Sinclair said. “One of my friends wears them and they look really good on her, I sometimes get jealous looking at them.”