Ray Williams clips and trims with a passion

Ray Williams. Photo courtesy: Brendan Brown

R&Rs Coastal Barbershop has been a well known community spot in Tallahassee since 1998. Ray Williams established this business after he retired from working in the military. Williams is also a deacon for a church in Panama City.

Williams began cutting hair in the military and decided to use this passion to help keep himself busy once he retired. He got his barber license and opened up his barbershop.

“I’m blessed to say I’ve been able to cut hair for over 20 years and help be a staple in this community,” Williams said.

Customer Joseph Bell said he’s been going to R&Rs Coastal Barbershop since he was 8 years old.

“It’s really like he watched me grow up. My brothers and family always come here to get our haircuts. The service Mr. Williams provides is top tier and affordable,” Bell said.

Williams, at 65 years of age, says he will keep cutting hair for as long as God is willing to let him. He enjoys cutting kids’ hair and seeing the smiles on their faces after they’ve received a fresh haircut.

Williams also uses the barbershop to send some of the money made to help different charities throughout Tallahassee.

“Being a member of this community for as long as I have I want to be able to help others receive better resources,” Williams said.

A former barber at the shop, Derek Jenkins, gave insight on how it was working alongside Williams.

“Mr. Williams let me come cut hair at his shop for five years. He gave me advice and a platform to be able to perfect my craft with haircuts,” Jenkins said.

Williams says he feels he is doing what he is called to do. Opening up a business was always something he had in mind. Being able to run his business as well as keeping himself busy is something he is proud of.

“The next step for me is that I want someone from my family to take over this shop when I am done cutting hair for good. I know that time will come soon and I want to be able to pass on this shop and keep it running for the community,” Williams said.

Feel free to stop by and get a haircut from R&Rs Coastal Barbershop located at 4013 Woodville Highway. R&Rs Coastal Barbershop is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.