Student commuters discouraged at gas pumps

Photo courtesy: Triple A insurance company

Gas prices in Florida are on the rise again. Recently, records have shown that prices have increased another 10 percent at Florida gas stations. Experts ascribe that the rise in prices are influenced by an increase in the demand for gas and low supply.

Right now, the average gas price in Florida is $3.51, according to

The world initially saw an increase in the cost of gas during the war between Russia and Ukraine. Although the war has been going on for more than eight months, people are still impacted by it.

Many student commuters are feeling the impacts of gas prices the most.

Chelsea Blake, a third-year broadcast journalism student, says the rise in gas rates has made her break the bank more than she wanted. “The rise in gas prices has taken a toll on me,” Blake said.  “I find the rise of gas prices disappointing. When gas was trickling down at a point, it felt like a breath of fresh air. Now, I am worried because I must reevaluate my situation with my finances and make sure I have enough money for my gas.”

To fill up her 2019 Nissan Sentra, Blake typically spends about $30.

On the other hand, student entrepreneur Torren Manning finds that the gas rate impacts her travels within Tallahassee and commuting back home. A native of Jacksonville, the trip is not very long, but the cost of gas makes Manning second guess her travels. “Filling up is an inconvenience and the increase in prices forces me to change my budget,” Manning said.

With Manning’s lash business, The Mink Print, based in her apartment, she does not see herself spending much more on gas.  “Since I work from home and live off campus, I am not using as much gas as others.”

According to the article, published by WPTV, the average gas cost in Florida was $3.32 in October. Although this cost was substantially higher than in previous years, many students like Blake and Manning could comfortably afford to commute to class, home, and other places.